New officers, deputies added to local law enforcement


From left are Lt. Jessica Williams, Chief Nikeo Collins, Officer Jonathan Severance, Capt. Brad Walker, Officer Justin Hall, Officer Gavin Watson, Assistant Chief Harman Winters and Capt. Susan Johnson.
NPD Photo

The Natchitoches Police Department has three new officers, graduates of the Alexandria Regional Police Academy. They are Jonathan Severance, Justin Hall and Gavin Watson.
The new officers spent several months at the Alexandria Regional Police Academy and will participate in the Natchitoches Police Department’s field training program to gain experience.
Severance also served as class president of the police academy.

From left are Dep. Kiara Padilla and Dep. Trevor Stewart. NPSO photo

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies Kiara Padilla and Trevor Stewart, along with Natchitoches Police Officers Justin Hall, Jonathan Severance and Gavin Watson, completed the 90th training session of the Alexandria Regional Police Academy Friday May 20.
Graduation exercises were at the Alexandria City Hall.
Class cadets received training in areas of law, patrol activities, vehicle stops, firearms, report writing, narcotics, DWI enforcement, physical training, taser, defensive tactics, ethics, first aid, chemical weapons, etc.
During the academy session, they ran over 84 miles, fired over 65,000 rounds, did 4,200 pushups, 1,500 sit-ups and other vigorous physical training.
Deputies Padilla and Stewart will return to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office for additional in-house training in policy and procedure, report writing, National Incident Command Systems and be assigned to a Field Training Officer before they are released to patrol and other duties.
Padilla is a graduate of the Louisiana School for Math, Science and Arts, Northwestern State University in 2021, Cum Laude in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and is a former NSU soccer player.
Sheriff Stuart Wright, NPSO Director of Training Rodney May, Capt. Jesse Taitano, Deputy Jessica Beaudion, family and friends attended the graduation services and welcomed the new deputies to the NPSO team.
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