NPD Incident Report for April 17-19, 2022


April 19
7:06 a.m.: Criminal damage to property (CDP): Complainant on Amulet Street stated sometime during the night his neighbor cut a hole in his fence. No charges filed.
6 p.m.: complaint: French Market Express called 911 in reference to a female subject in side the business causing problems. Dispatch received a call from S. Johnson who reported harassment from the employees at French Market Express. Johnson was instructed to return to the location but did not.
April 18
11:24 a.m.: cutting: A female subject entered the police station to report she had been cut. Female stated C. Curry stabbed/cut her in the head.
12:05 p.m.: complaint: Family Dollar on South Drive called in reference to an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago and they want the subject accused of shoplifting banned from the store. Car tag number provided as identification.
2 p.m.: criminal mischief: Casa Apartments management called in reference to some juveniles going on the property and moving the cameras in the washateria
2:24 p.m.: monetary instrument abuse: Tractor Supply called in reference to a counterfeit bill. Sometime Saturday, April 16, they received a counterfeit $100 bill but it was not discovered until April 18 when the deposit was returned.
3:05 p.m.: complaint: Poete Street resident called in reference to a report she made about a stolen generator in December 2021. She got word it was at The Cottage on University Parkway. Management stated that he subject with stolen property was D. Mayfield and he was fired a month ago. Stolen property was not located on site.
3:09 p.m.: simple battery: Complainant entered police station to report a known subject came to her residence and spit on her and threatened her life in front of witnesses.
Unknown time: Patron at Tobacco Warehouse on Keyser Avenue called in reference to a known male subject whom got out of his vehicle and was banging on the window of her vehicle wanting her to move out of line. She stated the subject stated she was blocking his driveway and he could not get to the car wash. Both subjects apologized.
4 p.m.: complaint: 911 caller reported a b/f in the road on Highland Park Drive. Caller stated subject is pulling her pants down and raising her shirt as vehicles pass. Stated female may be having mental issues. Friend/family arrived and took female home.
4:35 p.m.: solicitation/peddling: Hall Tree on Front Street reported Harrison Jackson was harassing customers by asking them for money.
5:38 p.m.: Motel 6 called in reference to a possible female juvenile runaway at that location. Caller stated she received a text from a subject stating she is the juvenile and requested her to come pick her up. Officers were unable to locate.
6:30 p.m.: 911 caller
April 17
11:38 a.m.: complaint: Caller at Thomas Apartments stated a known male gave her an iPad last night that belongs to the Natchitoches Parish School Board. She turned iPad over to authorities.
3:09 p.m.: Caller on Henry Avenue stated that sometime between Friday, April 15 and the 17th an unknown subject broke her window out. $500 in damages.
7:14 p.m.: aggravated assault: Caller on Amulet Street advised her juvenile son got into a physical altercation with A. Law who then pulled a firearm on the juvenile.
8:14: p.m.: complaint: Management at Motel 6 called in reference to an unknown male breaking into one of the rooms. Turned out to be a mistake and the tenant can stay in the room.