Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for May 28, 2022


JT was scrolling through his numerous emails and decided to click on one that pictured two honor graduates. He then noticed remarks from Head of School Dr. Patrick Widhalm.
Pat and wife Betsy were residents of Natchitoches for several years when he was head of the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts. “Benjamin Franklin High School, New Orleans’ most outstanding public charter school, has been preparing students for success through academic achievement since its founding in 1957,” the article reads.
It’s good to see that Pat is still leading young people to high academic goals.
JT knows the supply chain shortage has reached Natchitoches but it became really clear Tuesday night when he was craving a taco.
He went to the drive-thru window of the local taco restaurant and ordered his favorite #3 only to be told by a voice from inside, “We have no onions, lettuce or tomatoes. Do you want to order?”
He ordered anyway and still had to pay the original price. The taco with just meat and cheese tasted pretty good but hopefully local farmers can start supplying the veggies soon.
It was never illegal…it just wasn’t legal.
That’s the explanation behind “noodling” a bill by Rep. Jack McFarland of Winnfield that will allow catfish noodling in Louisiana waters.
Noodling is very popular…especially in North Louisiana. That’s where you wrestle a catfish out of their hiding hole using just your bare hands. No equipment necessary…not even gloves. JT thinks the beer is optional.
He’s heard reports of catfish noodling being prevalent on Sibley Lake. (Come to think about it…canoodling is also popular around Sibley Lake.)
JT’s a little past the age for this type of adventure ..both…but heck it looks like fun.
All that’s left is for Gov. John Bel Edwards to sign it into law.
The poor folks at Fort Polk are in a dilemma. They are about the have the name of their base changed and they can’t say anything about it.
Fort Polk was named in honor of Confederate Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk of Tennessee. He was also the irst Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana (subsequently a leader of the breakaway Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America),
In the “climate of offend no one” Fort Polk is one of a handful of bases that faces a name change. Many of these name changes are to honor lesser-known heroes….the government’s words not mine.
In Fort Polk’s case, it would be renamed Fort Johnson, after Sgt. William Henry Johnson, a Black Medal of Honor recipient who served in the Army in World War I.
In the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter what they call the base as long as they keep it open.
The phrase JT likes that most defines the installation is on their sign…”Home of Heroes.”
JT hopes you’re ready for this!
Wednesday begins hurricane season…something we all look forward to in Louisiana.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting an above average season with three to six major hurricanes of Category 3 or greater.
They are estimating 14 to 21 named storms until the end of hurricane season on Nov. 30.
Up here we don’t normally take a direct hit, but we sure feel the effects of the high winds and rain. While we think a three to four hour drive to the Gulf Coast is a long way…it’s not far enough when the storms hit.
This is one area of weather forecasting that JT has a lot of faith in. The local weather forecasting is pretty much a joke. They should be ashamed to take a paycheck most of the time.