Winnfield Memorial Funeral Home gets flags for Memorial Day display

Ed Ward, center, Funeral Director of Winnfield Memorial Funeral Home accepted a gift of American flags from Leta and Ron Brown to display in time for Memorial Day.

Nathan Wilson | Reporter
“My father was a veteran in the United States Air Force, and so we’re very pleased to be part of this observation and celebration of Memorial Day,” Ward said.
After Memorial Day, Ward will display the flags to indicate when a funeral ceremony commemorates the passing of a veteran. With four flags, Ward indicated he plans to mount one flag on each side of the two main entrances, so attendees will be reminded of the departed’s service to their country as they enter to pay their respects.
Each flag and its mounting equipment represents a donation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars( VFW), the American Legion and the VFW Auxiliaries and American Legion Auxiliaries.
Leta Brown is a member of both auxiliaries, which comprise the families of service members. “My father was a POW in World War Two, and I joined the VFW Auxiliary on him. My husband was a veteran, so I joined the American Legion under him,” she says. “I could have joined both under my dad, but I wanted to honor my husband.”