4 new homes permitted in April


There were permits issued for four new homes construction starts according to the Parish Government report for April. There were 54 permits issued with a valuation of $3,198,336.
New residential construction permits were issued to:
•Kilgore Construction/Roland Dans, 1246 Rock Creek Road, $400,000
•Thomas Bolton Construction/Andrew Molder, 2435 Fish Hatchery Road $769,300
•Rhodes Properties/Rodney Lacour, 108Melrose Bend, $251,896
•Steve Oweci Construction LLC/ Calvin Braxton Jr., 3170 Hwy. 484, $500,000
There were two permits issued for commercial new construction to Rhodes Properties/Madison Pierce, 761 Hwy. 504, no valuation listed.
There were permits issued for 10 residential manufactured homes and one commercial.
•LaShonda Paige, residential, 159 Alex Ave., $216,000
•Kimberly Gay, 3109 Posey Road, residential, $61,000
•Stephanie Nicholas,264 Seab Horn Road, residential $128,000
•Derek Young, 144 Lou Ivy Road, residential, $80,000
•Archie Metoyer, 975 Bermuda Road, residential, $20,000
•Steven Adams, 270 Gray Road, residential, $55,000
•Joana Wyatt, 149 Bennett Loop, residential, $78,000
•Justin Rachal, 1986 Old River Road, residential, $98,000
•Wendy Vines, 2867 Hwy. 487, residential, $136,000
•Clark Averett, 4890 Hwy. 3278, commercial, $45,000
•Jamica Neal, 159 Tennessee Ave., residential, $45,000

This article published in the June 2, 2022, print edition

Electrical permits have no valuation. They were issued to:
•Reed Steadman, 2040 King Hill Road, residential
•Buffy Dees, 162 Jordan St., residential
•Adrian Demery, 706 Hwy. 484, residential
•Annie Helaire, 112 Mary Dr., residential
•Robert Morgan, 909 Tauzin Road, commercial
•Hills Electrical Services/John Robertson, 108 Anne Street, residential
•Emma Johnson, 418 Main St., residential
•Jeffery Hoover, 163 Hwy. 119, residential
•One Panel Solar and Wind LLC,/ Frank Johnson, 868 Old River Road, residential, $25,324
•Travis Guin,7959 Hwy. 9, residential
•John Richmond, 618 Cloud Crossing Road, residential
•Ronald Dobson, 2804 Hwy. 9, residential
•Anthony Rachal, 1066 Coco Bed Road, residential
• Walter Gay, 256 Gay Village Road, residential
•Peter Messina, 116 B F Johnson Road, residential
•Andre Davenport, 1469 Hwy. 493, commercial
•Ward Electric/Keith Hernandez, 246 Vienna Bend Dr., residential
•Frankie McDaniel, 2482 J. Benjamin, residential
•Michael Unruth, 646 Hatchery Road, residential
•Martin Metoyer, 218 Franklin Lane, residential
Miscellaneous permits were issued to:
•Cane River Pools and Spas/Charles O’Con, 3175 Hwy. 119, residential swimming pool, $80,000
•Wilhite Electric Inc.,/Mary Gaulden, 154 Max Pepper Road, residential generator $8,180
•Carl Chism, 2270 Hwy. 6, commercial fire inspection
•Clearwater Pools and Spas/Payton Weeks, 1188 Miller Farm Road, residential swimming pool, $90,000
•Virgil Mayrand,697 Hwy. 504, residential RV
•John Bernard, 120 Lateral Lane, residential detached building, $30,000
•Brittany Smith, 333 Lansing Nugent Road, residential building relocation, $10,000
•Ralph Treadway,2413 Hwy. 117, residential portable building,
•Garrett Cross, Alexandria, Bridge L-620.4, bridge replacement
•Peter Messina, 116 BF Johnson Road, residential RV
•Mastec Network Solutions, 4889-A Hwy. 1, commercial generator, batteries, cell tower
•Atlas Home Service/Sue Norsworthy, 119 Navarro Court, residential generator, $16,336
•Mike Webb, 2431 Hwy. 118, residential change of occupancy
•Barry Bernard, 8236 Hwy. 1, commercial detached building
•Pleasure Pools/Phillip Pitts, 182 Old Hwy. 6, residential swimming pool, $45,500