Just Talkin’ for June 2, 2022


JT hears that one of our own local chefs is going to compete in the 15th annual Louisiana Seafood Cook off.
Ben Fidelak of Mariner’s Restaurant, who also competed in 2017, 2020, is among a dozen chefs from around the state seeking to become “Seafood Royalty.”
The event starts Tuesday at the Cajundome in Lafayette.
There will be chefs from New Orleans, Crowley, Arnaudville and Baton Rouge to name a few.
Judges will be Chef Edgar “Dooky” Chase IV of Dooky Chase Restaurant in New Orleans and Celeste Chachere, great-granddaughter of Tony Chachere of Chachere’s Creole Foods.
Good luck Ben.
As the late baseball great Yogi Berra would say…. “It’s like deja vu all over again.”
That’s because for the second consecutive year it looks like the legislature will send Gov. John Bel Edwards bills he vetoed last year.
One is a bill that would bar transgender athletes from competing in girls and women’s sports. He vetoed the bills last year and from all indications he will do so again. His reason was that it was not a problem in Louisiana and as such there was no need for the legislation.
The only change in this bill over the one he vetoed last year is that this one allows for transgender participation on intramural sports. Some observers suggest it might give the governor wiggle room on not vetoing the measure.
The other bill would allow residents to carry a gun without a permit. (It’s called concealed carry.) You can do it now…you just need a permit. Law enforcement is not in favor of this bill but it seems a majority of state residents are.
This issue is a little tougher on the governor who comes from a law enforcement family.
The legislature was a little more shrewd this year. They passed the bills swiftly. That means the Governor has to act on them before the session is over. If he chooses to veto them, the legislature still has time in the regular session to override his veto and not have to call a special session to override.
Speaking of vetoes, just this past Tuesday Edwards vetoed SB 381, the “Louisiana Credit Access Loan Act”because it does not adequately protect the public from predatory lending practices. 
(By the way, the regular session is scheduled to end on Monday).
Talking about we’ve been here before…..it appears that very thought is on someone’s agenda when it comes to gambling in Natchitoches Parish.
Someone…and no one has come forward…asked for our legislative delegation to put a video poker machine gambling option on the ballot. It was introduced last year in the session by Rep. Kenny Cox but didn’t go anywhere.
When video poker came up for a vote parish by parish two decades ago, it was voted down here.
JT believes it’s more about a way for parish government to find a money stream for our deplorable road system. He doesn’t think it has anything at all to do with giving the people a say on gambling…at all.
Don’t know what this means…but our two Senators voted for the measure and three of our House members voted against it. For the record, Kenny Cox didn’t vote because as JT hears it, he’s recovering from some recent surgery.
The bill gives the parish council the authority to call an election.
It’s sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting his action.
This will be interesting to watch. JT especially wants to see who in parish government takes the lead on this.