Fire hydrant flow testing for June 17


FIRGreg Roberts Fire Hydrant Repair and Supply will conduct fire hydrant flow testing on June 17th, 2022 in the following areas:
Lee St. Prather St. Pierson St. Ben Dr. Howell St.
Rue Trudeau St. Payne St. Bossier St. MLK Jr Dr. Collins Rd.
Thomas St. Hedges St. Caspari St. Collage Ave.
SanFord St Lake St. North St. Levy St

Simmons Aly. Hwy 6 & I-49
Frog Pond Apts
Hwy 1 bypass
Rue De Gabriel

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The purpose of this test is check the operation and flow rate of each fire hydrant in the given areas. Please be aware, hydrants are fully opened when performing these tests and may stir up sediment in the City’s waterlines.

For more information or questions regarding hydrant flows contact the Utility Department at (318) 357-3850.