Just Talkin’ for June 9, 2022


It really saddened JT to see the pictures of the old Cloutierville School in this past weekend’s paper. It was unbelievable how fast it deteriorated in the last four years.
Once the hub of activity, the abandoned and neglected property has obviously become the target of vandalism. It’s a sad predicament where we have to decide to put it out of its misery or prop it back up.
A part of a community dies when you close their school and the knife goes in a little bit deeper when the buildings are torn down.
JT has a filing system he thought was unique to him…until this weekend.
Most shoppers (women in particular) immediately file receipts in their purse or pocketbook and hang onto them for a while. Not JT… in most cases the receipt usually ends up in the trash can on the way out the store or wadded up and thrown on his floorboard or into the backseat.
JT ran to Stines over the weekend and in the parking lot he ran into a friend. We’ll call him “Bubba” with the passenger’s door open and him bending over and standing up repeatedly. It looked like he was unraveling something every time he stood up. 
He told JT he was digging through stuff on his floorboard looking for the receipt from a recent visit to the store.
Seems JTs filing system is not so unique after all.
A federal judge in Baton Rouge has tossed out the state approved reapportioned congressional districts and given lawmakers two weeks to come up with new district lines.
However, Gov. John Bel Edwards was not so generous. He’s giving them only five days. He has called a special session to begin on June 15 and end on June 20.
Those favoring a new map believe a second majority black congressional district should be drawn in the state based on our population shifts and racial makeup.
But wait….an appeal was filed almost immediately after the judge’s ruling.
Normally the appeals process is a long-drawn out thing. However, this has to be done very, very quickly since qualifying for Congressional seats begins at the end of July.
And then no matter how the appeal turns out…someone will appeal the appeal. So why would we rush to re-draw maps before the appeals process is done? It’s simple; it’s Democrats vs. Republicans (or vice versa).
JT would really be surprised if this were over in time for qualifying next month
He remembers this happening before where we had to use the old district lines for the races until new ones were court approved.
Louisiana had four teams, Southeastern, ULL, La. Tech and LSU in the NCAA Regional baseball tournament and none of them made it all the way through. LSU was the last man standing when they lost on Monday to Southern Miss in Hattiesburg.
Oh well…another year without JT having someone to root for in the College World Series.
This coming weekend, Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, Louisiana is holding the annual Free Fishing Weekend”.
That means neither residents nor visitors will be required to have a license to fish in Louisiana waters. However, all fishing regulations, including size, season, catch limits and gear restrictions will remain in effect during the weekend.
It’s a great opportunity to spend some time on the water with family.
JT made a mistake. A big one and he wants to alert other seniors, or almost seniors about the issue.
JT was needing some insurance so he did what one does and went online and filled out a form for a quote, thinking it was just for a quote from the one company.
Nope. It was one of those we will distribute your number to every company known to mankind and all aliens from space and they will all call you multiple times per day sites.
He’s gotten almost 500 calls in three days and had to download a paid app to block the influx of unwanted calls.
Be careful when filling out online forms, the result could be complete aggravation and a hit to your pocketbook.