NPD INCIDENT REPORT, May 21-25, 2022


May 25
9:12 a.m.: Caller on Jefferson Street (Tante Huppe House) stated that during the evening of the day several juveniles came on the property and were swimming in the swimming pool.
9:30 a.m.: Caller on Hampton Street stated on May 4 he came home and found his 9MM pistol missing from his outer house and nothing else was missing.
12:32 p.m.: Caller on Duplex Street reported sometime during the night an unknown subject broke the windshield in her vehicle. $500 value.
2:16 p.m.: Caller on Dean Street called in reference to observing via video camera an unwanted subject on their property. Officer reviewed video surveillance and observed subject stop in front of the residence, get out of a vehicle and go into the ditch.


7:09 p.m.: 911 caller on Keyser Avenue requested having Ami Sparks removed from the property. Spark, w/f, 38, issued summons for criminal damage to property.
May 24
11:21 a.m.: Caller on Melrose Ave. Apartments advised her vehicle was vandalized. Value $1,200.
6:07 p.m.: Caller on Jordan Street stated an unknown subject pulled a firearm on her son. Officers responded. Caller advised no gun was pulled. Her son had an altercation
8:47 p.m.: Juvenile complaint on Church Street. Caller advised between previous day and time of call a male, name given, was following her daughter and niece from Tally Ho Apartments to the park. He was saying sexual comments to them and trying to touch them. He didn’t touch them. He also went to the grandmother’s house looking for the juveniles and saying inappropriate comments. Mother in Ouachita Parish made the call on behalf of her 15 year old daughter. Male subject allegedly told girl he wanted to do some explicit things to her.
10:11 p.m.: Caller on Fourth Street requested to have male with same last name removed. Caller stated she had an altercation with him, he kicked a window in her residence prior to leaving and caused $250 in damages.
May 23
8:38 a.m.: Complainant went to NPD to fill out report in reference to a battery committed on her in Natchez. Deputy advised he was transporting one b/f and another deputy was at the location and evidence was recovered. Second deputy advised he will be transporting a juvenile. Deputy #1 advised the juvenile and the subject were shot at around 7 a.m. on Christophe Road by another subject. Shell casings were recovered near the residence.
11:45 a.m.: Employee at Magee’s Patio Café became irate in reference to his pay stub. Employee was giving his last pay stub and banned from the premises.
2:18 p.m.: Shop Rite on Keyser Avenue requested Harrison Jackson be banned.
7:21 p.m.: 911 caller reported someone was shooting in Carter’s Trailer Park on South Drive. Victim located at Lot #1371. A juvenile had been shot twice from a verbal altercation. Transported to Rapides General.
10:09 p.m.: 911 caller reported a juvenile complaint. Officers told the subject to discontinue her actions. Officers stated Dorothy Hewitt, b/f, has an active bench warrant for theft
May 22
3 p.m.: Caller on Melrose Avenue stated someone slashed two tires the week of the 19th caused $200 in damages.
3:49 p.m.: Carter’s Trailer Park caller stated after a female got into an altercation with her son, she came to the complainant’s residence and broke out two windows with a brick. Amanda Culbert was arrested on simple criminal damage to property and on three active bench warrants for SCDP.
May 21
10:36 a.m.: A group of females on Fairgrounds Road were fighting over a guy. Complainant thinks one took a screwdriver and damaged her vehicle. $500 value.