Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for June 11


JT’s a little disappointed our State Senator Louie Bernard has decided one term in Baton Rouge is all he wants. It’s probably a little selfish on JT’s part because Louie has worked hard for our area and took his role as public servant to heart.
In fact, for more than four decades, he has served the people of Natchitoches Parish honorably is various roles of public service.
It’s only appropriate that he re-prioritize his life. We all should probably do that from time to time.
By announcing his decision now to step back from state government, he is giving ample opportunity for others to consider if they want to serve this newly reapportioned district.
Don’t think for a second that Louie is done. He’ll continue to work just as hard for us until a new person is elected late next year.
Remember the 31st Senatorial District was reshaped this year by reapportionment to include parts of south Shreveport and Bossier City and more of DeSoto. We’ve also added some of Bienville, Jackson and Lincoln to Natchitoches, Winn, Red River and Sabine. Gone are the parts of Grant and Rapides Parishes that were in the southern part of the district.
It’s now a 10-parish district and someone is going to have to cover a lot of ground.
Since Louie announced his intentions early, that should give plenty of time for politicos to start their legwork.
JT will be sure and share any names that pop up as potential candidates…probably some of those are already serving in the legislature that are now a part of the new senatorial district.
Like many of you, JT has been watching the construction of our two new drive-thru restaurants on Keyser Avenue. It looks as if Arby’s will be open for business probably a month or more before Chick-Fil-A.
What’s creating the most talk though….is how will you get into and leave those restaurants! Since they are on opposite sides of a red light (Keyser and East Fifth Street) that makes turning into them from Keyser Avenue impossible if the traffic is stopped for the red light.
Entering and leaving from East Fifth seems the only option…and even that will be difficult at most times of the day.
The early construction phase has not given an indication on how traffic will flow…so like you…JT is anxiously awaiting clues.
The 15th Annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-off held this week has a winner.
The winner is Chef Amanda Cusey from Lake Charles. Chef Cusey served up pan-seared red drum over a tomato polenta with a crawfish cream. 
Our own Chef Ben Fidelak of Mariner’s Restaurant was among the dozen competitors.
Speaking of food, JT ran across a list recently listed at the Ten Commandments of Southern Food. It was basically a list of all foods southerners must know how to cook.
The list included chicken fried steak, cornbread, potato salad, fried chicken, chicken and sausage gumbo, deviled eggs, ribs, mashed potatoes, red beans and rice and chicken and dumplings.
JT was surprised there wasn’t any fried fish or fried okra listed….and no mention of a desert like banana pudding or cobbler.