Just Talkin’ for June 16, 2022


JT didn’t think it would take long for someone…especially from the Shreveport-Bossier area…to express an interest in Sen. Louie Bernard’s 31st Senatorial District seat.
Less than a week after he announced he would not seek re-election, three term Caddo Representative Alan Seabaugh (R) says he wants Louie’s seat. He originally had his eyes on the Senate seat of term limited Sen. Barrow Peacock, but reapportionment lines put him in the 31st District instead of Peacock’s.
He’s the only announced candidate.
There are some names being floated around, but nothing on the record.
One name was that of former NSU basketball coach Mike McConathy. He just retired and has a strong connection throughout the new district. Some coaches have done very well in the legislature. JT thinks back to Rep. Billy Montgomery of Haughton and even Sen. Jack Dolan of Lake Charles.
JT’s not sure if Taylor Townsend wants to return to that scene….been there and done that. He always liked the fight in Taylor.
OK Dads…it’s your turn to be pampered, whether you want it or not.
It’s time to rest, relax and enjoy the family.
JT hopes you have a great weekend and are surrounded by loved ones.
It sure was nice to see all those American flags around on Tuesday. Thanks to all who flew their flags.
Flag Day and the Fourth of July are two of JT’s favorite holidays. You just can’t beat the beauty of the red, white and blue colors.
If you like a really patriotic story…and music…see if you can locate the George M. Cohen Story on television. It’s a standard for JT every Fourth of July.
The past week or so JT has been stuck waiting for an opening so he can get on Keyser. In case you haven’t noticed, the traffic is fast paced…and steady.
It’s not as bad when you are going with the flow but trying to cross over the two lanes of traffic to head the opposite direction sometimes takes Mario Andretti skills and nerves.