Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for June 25, 2022


JT was visiting with friends on the upper end of Cane River over the weekend and someone commented how murky and muddy the river looked and about that time a too-big-for-the-river speed boat went by, its prop digging up a muddy trail.
This caused one in the group to agree and then comment, “We sure needed the 2 inch rain we received last Friday afternoon because the farmers down river had really been drawing down the river to water the crops.”
This immediately raised the ire of the farmer in the group who responded the river loses more water to evaporation than what the farmers use for the crops.
It looks to JT like the city is on the way to be the largest property owner in the city.
They now will add about six acres on Texas Street.
The downside is another piece of property comes off the tax rolls…a revenue loss to the city. Wonder who they will find to recover some of those property taxes now gone?
On the bright side though, the Texas Street property (formerly Goldman Equipment) sounds like a really good idea. They have plans to relocate the Public Works operations from Mill Street to Texas Street. (Remember that property on Mill St. was given to the city by Archer Daniels Midland).
They already have the Power Plant on the north side of town as well as a vehicle maintenance shop and the Purchasing Dept. near the Texas Street location. Once re-located completely, it could open some development of the area adjacent to Flying Heart Brewery.
Sure sounds like a great opportunity for someone to develop that area. We’ll probably have to sell it or turn over to a development group
This is one of JT’s favorite times of the year…. it’s almost the 4th of July and the time when gardens are producing.
JT saw some really pretty tomatoes and immediately had the craving for a BLT sandwich. Of course any dish with fresh tomatoes is great!
The amount and variety of produce should really pick up at area farmer’s markets and produce stands.