18 residences permitted in May


There were eight permits issued for new home construction and 10 for residential manufactured homes during May according to the report issued by Planning and Zoning Director Melonia McDaniels.
The department issued 59 permits with a valuation of $4,539,141.
Construction permits for new homes were issued to:

This article published in the July 7, 2022, print edition.

•Escott Builders Inc./Bayou Camitte Lands LLC, south of Cloutierville, $779,000
•United Built Homes, Charlotte Santos, 1849 Johnson Chute Road, $231,810
•Monica Wilson, 990 Catholic Lane Road, no valuation listed
•Dykes Construction LLC, Vaughn Dykes, 112 Eastin Circle, $380,000
•Cadence Contracting/Wesley Birdwell, 1411 Hwy. 1221, $475,000
•Hannah Deranger, 519 Howard, $143,218
•DK Properties of Alexandria LLC, 2294 Rose Hill Plantation, $239,000
Permits for residential manufactured homes were issued to:
•Rick Lovic, 292 Rocks Creek Road, $69,900
•Kaylene Feazel, 837 Bethany Road, $88,995
•John Morris, 2020 Hwy. 478, $32,000
•Stephen Lirette, 1233 Hwy. 487, $62,397
•Mary Boudreaux, 1002 Robert Rawls Loop, $200,000
•Clayton Homes, Carly Dubois, 591 Posey Road, $159,000
•Bertha Edmond, 103B Lewis Loop, $6,000
•Jeffery Lee, 273 Post Mill Road, no valuation listed
•Hayden Mullone, 1786 Hwy. 484, $300,000
•Travis Eddleman, 1825 Allen-Beulah Road, $150,000
•Dale Davis, 409 John Banks Road, $290,000
Other permits were issued to:
•John Thompson, 4764 Hwy. 494, residential electrical
•Sun Stream Electrical/Luther Lott Jr., 5050 Old Hwy. 3278, residential electrical
•Ward Electric/Irby, rena Baudoin, 204 Riverside Loop, residential generator

•Scotty Williams, 491 Calvin Tyler Road, residential electrical
•Christopher Lacour, 952 Hwy. 495, residential electrical
•Dock Worx Marine Construction LLL, Timothy Moran, 327 Shamrock Loop, $75,000, residential swimming pool; residential detached building, no valuation, residential RV hookup, residential electrical
•Tammey Freeman, 534 Hwy. 504, residential RV, $1,000
•Ground Level Services LLC, 167 Upper Cane River Road, two commercial shelter retrofit-generator added, $48,172 each
•Justin Aldredge, Scallion’s Heating A&C and electrical, 2348 Hwy. 6, $3,035
•Carolyn Hartt, 1356 Janie Gorum Road, residential electrical
•Monica Wilson, 990 Catholic Lane Road, residential farm, $12,000
•John Danley, 852 and 926 Old River Road, residential electrical
•Debra Walker, 1207 Patrick Road, commercial electrical
•April White, 400 Peninsula Dr., residential electrical
•Debra Walker, 1207 Patrick Road, commercial electrical
•Pleasure Pools/Eric Mayeaux, 209 Rosehill Plantation, $44,000
•C&R Contractors, Manish Dhawan, 4278 University Parkway, office remodel, $700,000
•Clearwater Pools and Spas, Buzz Dranguet, 3916 Hwy. 494, residential swimming pool, $75,000
•Dock Worx Marine Construction LLC/Cathy McCauslin, 187 Stevens Circle, residential remodeling
•Greg Frazier, 2297 Hwy. 479, residential RV, $85,000
•Jesse Hoffpauir, 7650 Oak St., residential RV, $14,500
•John Britain, 4012 Hwy. 494, commercial electrical
•SFC Contract Services INC., 2299 Hwy. 485, commercial detached building, no valuation
•Monique Hamilton, 2652 Old River Road, residential portable building, $12,000
•Pleasure Pools, , Hugo Martiney, 356 St. Francis, residential swimming pool, no valuation
•Diana Woods, 142 Alex Ave., residential electrical
•Hayden Mulone, 1784 Hwy. 484, residential remodeling
•Pleasure Pools, Paul Grace, 724 Robeline-Provencal Road, no valuation
•Jason Brock, 1908 Hwy. 6 East, commercial fire inspection
•McNeer Electrical Contracting, Billy Potts, 582 Pardee Road, residential electrical, $1,881
•Hills Electrical Services LLC, Chris Cunningham, 2618 Hwy. 487, residential electrical, $2,360
•Victor Jones, 3698 Hwy. 484, residential RV, $27,000, residential electrical
•Scotty Williams, 545 Calvin Tyler Road, commercial electrical

Compiled by Carolyn Roy