Just Talkin’ for July 14, 2022


This weather is downright “unhealthy” and is going to lead to a lot of trouble.
Not only are the utility bills going to skyrocket with all the added air-conditioning use, it’s just not safe for some people to be out in this weather.
JT did a little weekend work cleaning out his garage (really just moving stuff around) and within minutes he was sweating up a storm.
The best time to do outside work seems to be early in the morning. It’s bearable. If you think about waiting till closer to dark….you’re wrong… it’s still hot.
If you do have to be outside, should drink plenty of fluids and take lots of breaks.
JT thought it was interesting that all along the western side of Louisiana burn bans are in effect.
That is… except for little ole Red River Parish. It was almost like it was carved out.
To the north of it, Bossier Parish has a burn ban and to the west and south of it, Mansfield and Natchitoches have burn bans in effect.
When JT first saw the burn ban map he thought it looked a lot like a reapportionment map.
We know there are problems with our juvenile justice system…and have been for some time. Well, now Alabama knows it too because they kicked out 14 violent teens from their detention center after causing a riot. They were there because we didn’t have room for them.
JT hears there have been numerous instances across the state with violent juveniles…even in Coushatta at the Ware Juvenile Detention Center.
JT’s not sure what the answer is…but it’s not building more facilities or throwing money at it. We’ve tried that with education and it just doesn’t work.
Speaking of education….
JT read an interesting article the other day that says many students in college are re-thinking attending. It all started with COVID when they were taking classes on zoon while sitting on their dorm room beds. They don’t believe they are getting their money’s worth, they are missing out on the whole “college experience” and social interaction is almost non-existent.
Vocational school is looking to them like a much better bargain and they can get into the workforce quicker.
JT reads that college enrollment across the country is feeling the revolt of students through declining enrollment. Any declining enrollment has a ripple effect throughout the university and communities where they are located.
Universities are very creative in establishing enrollment numbers (that’s how they get funding).
You can bet educational leaders are already developing contingency plans.