Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for July 16, 2022


If you’ve ever had thoughts of getting involved in your community…now’s your chance.
Qualifying opens next Wednesday for a number of local races and ends on Friday afternoon.
All seats on the Natchitoches Parish School Board are all up for re-election (or election since some have announced they won’t seek re-election). There are also elections in Ashland, Campti, Goldonna, Provencal and Robeline for Mayor, Councilmen or Aldermen (in some cases) and Chiefs of Police.
Clarence and Powhatan are looking for candidates to fill unexpired terms for Mayor.
The elections will be Tuesday, Nov. 8.
There’s no greater service one can offer their community than being active in their government.
JT doesn’t know if there is a law against swimming downtown…but there should be.
He’s heard a number of reports of people swimming downtown amongst the boats and barges.
Not sure if it’ a Cane River Waterway Commission issue or the City of Natchitoches but it sure appears to JT that it’s an accident waiting to happen.
The rain Wednesday night was welcome…but the lightening, thunder and high winds..not so much. It was lightening so much that you really didn’t need lights on in the house.
We needed a really good rain and we certainly got one. Not sure it was enough to replace the water farmers are taking from Cane River, but it will help everyone. On a side note…JT bets the farmers really celebrated the rain. He heard that the diesel to run their pumps to get water out of Cane River cost as much as a $1,000 a day.
JT can’t recall the last time we had so much thunder and lightening. It seemed to continue for hours….and it sent a lot of pets scrambling.
Talking to one person on Thursday, they were complaining that they had just gotten their dog re-trained for evening walks. Since the Fourth of July weekend fireworks, the dog wouldn’t go out at night because they associated nighttime with the loud fireworks. Now they have to start all over re-training.
There was quite a bit of limb and tree damage from the storm.
JT hears Natchez was hit pretty hard. That¹s not a very good welcoming For new Mayor Patsy Ward Hoover and her administration just six days into their term.
JT was told Sheriff Stuart Wright and his staff was offering assistance almost immediately with water, ice and some manpower. (See photo at top of front page)
Mayor Patsy says Chief Michael Gillie and Aldermen McKinley Hoover and Monique Sarpy and village clerk Janice Perry were hands on.
Folks in town lost power a couple of times in about a two-hour span. It would go off, come back on for several minutes, and then go out again. Then repeat that process. Fortunately, it wasn’t out for very long.
It did however, cause computer problems at a number of businesses. JT heard Wal-Mart wasn’t able to open until mid-morning on Thursday because of the computer problems they had to overcome.
For a long time JT has felt the utility companies were sticking it to the customers… now he’s glad to see he wasn’t the only one.
Over the years, we’ve been hit with fuel adjustment charges, delivery surcharges and storm damage repair to name a few.
Now Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell is trying to bring some fairness to utility rates. His argument is why should North Louisiana customers pay for the heavy damages of South Louisiana storms. It’s a sound argument.
His fellow Public Service Commissioners, who primarily represent South Louisiana concerns, apparently don’t stand by that fairness doctrine.
When it comes to electricity…you don’t really have an option on who provides it to your home or business. That means they are a monopoly.
Normally, JT would say the Public Service Commission does a pretty good job for residents. However, in this instance, they are adhering to the “Golden Rule”—-the one with the gold makes the rules.