Fairview Alpha to get Dollar General store

The Dollar General proposed for Fairview Alpha will be located at the former Fairview Alpha School site on Hwy 71.

Carolyn Roy
The most interesting new business at the Parish Council meeting Monday was a request to rezone property for Dollar General to build a new store.
The council introduced a request to rezone 1.4 acres at 220 Hwy. 71-84 from Industrial-Agriculture to Business-3. That property is the site of the old Fairview Alpha School. The request asks for a variance for parking lot reduction to 30 parking spaces.
The ordinance will be voted on at the meeting Aug. 15.
The council had a public hearing to consider four proposed ordinances and voted to adopt three and table one.
The first one adopted was Ordinance 12 to remove 35- feet from the back of Sparks Road, No. 625, from the Parish maintenance system. Some 4,523 feet of the road remains.
The second one adopted was Ordinance 13 to remove Berney Hays Road, No. 931, from the maintenance system with 1,478 feet remaining.
Those two ordinances are in District 5 and were requested by property owners because there is little no traffic.

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The third one adopted, also in District 5, was Ordinance-16 to change 1.31 acres from Industrial-Agriculture to Business-3 at 1515 Hwy. 490. Ralph Joseph applied for rezoning so he can open a food truck and commissary/café that he hopes will be frequented by employees at Martco. He said the business will be in a building since the zoning was approved.
The council tabled Ordinance 16 saying it appeared to be a civil matter that should be settled in court. Leland LaCaze requested that Felise LaCaze Road 751 be removed. Jason Williams asked that the road not be removed because it would block access to his property if it became private and a fence were erected.
Council Clerk Sheryl Frederick read a letter from Leland LaCaze asking the road be removed because he said Roxanne Williams speeds down the road daily, honking the horn and endangering children and small pets. He said he needed a way to slow her down. The letter read that Williams “flies down the road at all hours.” LaCaze, who was at the meeting, said Williams ran into his waterline on purpose and he wanted it repaired.
LaCaze said he would maintain the road if it were taken out of the maintenance system.
Council chairman John Salter said it appeared to be a civil problem and LaCaze said it was already being litigated.
The council tabled the ordinance until the civil matter is resolved.
The council authorized Parish President John Richmond to talk to people at RoyOMartin about providing property for a controlled and fenced bin site at Gorum. Parish Government leased property at the Gorum Community Center to put a bin there and now some residents are opposing it. Parish Government has already invested several thousand dollars in infrastructure there.
Gorum resident Mark Kerry said there are two options with the first being leaving it at the community center. The second is asking RoyOMartin if the company will provide a site.
The council approved allowing Frederick to attend the La. Organization of Parish Administrative Officials Council Clerk’s conference in Baton Rouge. Frederick said Parish Government will host next year’s conference in Natchitoches.
There were no boards nor commissions appointments and no visitors at the end of the meeting.