NPD Incident Report for June 18-July 4, 2022


Juanice Gray
June 18
10:46 a.m.: Caller on St. Clair reported a snake in their garage.
12:35 p.m.: Caller on Lake Street reported a female hit him in the head with a vacuum cleaner because she thought he was with another female.
2:47 p.m.: Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office advised of a patient at the Coushatta ER advising she was the victim of a sexual battery that occurred in Natchitoches Parish.
2:52 p.m.: Cottage at Cane River reported that between 8 a.m. and 7:30 p.m several items, valued at $1,450, went missing from the clubhouse.
4:40 p.m.: Officer reported receiving a call from a subject who at been raped on Tahoe Avenue. Victim was transported from hospital in Coushatta.
June 19
2:13 p.m.: A concerned citizen reported a homicide by shooting at the Melrose Apartments. Multiple calls received.
2:16 p.m.: possible gunshot victim located. Caller heard the shots, went outside and found victim.
June 20
9:46 a.m.: Caller on 6th Street stated Brandon Bernstine gained entry to her home leading to her discharging a firearm and hitting him in the hand
June 24
7:49 a.m.: A female on Clarence Drive requested a male, her son, be escorted from the residence. Cortez King was issued summons for remaining.
June 27
7:54 a.m.: Magnolia Manor Apartments reported an unknown suspect spray painted a sign outside the main office. Damage total, $300.
June 28
2:03 a.m.: A concerned citizen reported a fire at the Thomas Apartments. A female advised while she was cooking she told a male to leave and while leaving the residence he started a fire.
June 30
9:40 a.m.: Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 56, arrested for remaining on premises at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center.
2 p.m.: Officer reported an animal bite victim at NRMC. Summons issued to oyce Price, b/f, 52 for one count animal at large and one count owner of dangerous dog
7:22 p.m.: A juvenile entered NRMC suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck due to another juvenile playing with a firearm. Incident happened on Amulet Street.
9:21 p.m.: Concerned citizen called from Willow Bend Apartments reporting hearing multiple shots fired and seeing a juvenile running from the area.
9:51 p.m.: A male at the police station reported being shot at while leaving Alliance. He stated two male subjects came out of the grass and fired five shots and hit his vehicle once.
July 2
8:13 p.m.: Willow Bend Apartments caller reported a bullet hole in her window and wall. Officer reported a single bullet went through the window and hit the dry wall between 7 p.m. Wednesday and 2 p.m. Thursday causing $175 in damages.
8:49 p.m.: Concerned citizen reported shots fired near Sabine Street. Officer requested medical assistance. A group of juvenile went inside a store and got into a verbal altercation with a male subject who then threw beer and committed a battery on one of the juveniles. The male then went to a home, retrieved a weapon and shot several times.
July 3
8:49 a.m.: Bomb scare, While on a call on Circle Drive, officers saw what appeared to be an explosive device. Rapides bomb squad was called to assess the situation. The device was inactive.
12:04 p.m.: resident at University Terrace Apartments on Fairgrounds Road reported damage to the window and to a vehicle caused by bullets on July 1. Total value of damage is $360.
July 4
12:28 a.m.: Caller on Woodyard Road said a residence was struck along with a vehicle. Damages totaled $3,000.
1:04 a.m.: Caller on Berry reported her 11-year-old juvenile his her vehicle with a metal pipe. In addition the juvenile ripped her wig off and possibly had her phone.