NPSB not moving forward with property tax increase discussion


At the July board meeting, the Natchitoches Parish School Board (NPSB) brought up the discussion of presenting a property tax increase to be included on the ballot in December.
The NPSB has decided not to move forward with the property tax increase and will not discuss it further.
This millage increase was brought up to help the NPSB fund the salaries for school resource officers as well as ensure new security measures at schools in the district.
“After much feedback from the public regarding the intention of presenting a property tax to be levied on
the December ballot,” says NPSB President Reba Phelps. “We have decided not to move forward in that direction. We are aggressively seeking funding options. We want the public to be assured that we are listening, and school safety is remaining a top priority that will never be removed from the table.”
NPSB will keep the public informed on all board decisions and discussions.