Just Talkin’ for July 21, 2022


JT knows the fire department is trained to respond quickly, but this time, he was astounded at how fast they answered the call.
Chief John Wynn got a call just prior to the escort procession bringing the body of Natchitoches Police Officer Brian Olliff into the City.
Wynn’s firefighters jumped into action and had their ladder truck with Old Glory unfurled on Hwy 6 to pay their respects for a fellow first responder in record time.
There were NPD officers, Assistant Coroner Steven Clanton, the fire department and members of the sheriff’s department joining the procession and along the route the public and others, including Natchitoches Regional Medical Center employees, paying their respects to the officer that served the City of Natchitoches.
Such a sad occasion, but the solidarity and respect had JT feeling proud.
It’ hard to believe the Natchitoches-NSU Folk Festival has actually been around here for 42 years…but it’s true.
Come out Saturday at Prather Coliseum and enjoy the music, take a look at the 75 or so vendors and actually see some folk artists up close. Of course there’s food and even a KidFest area for child friendly activities.
The annual Louisiana State Fiddle Championship is the only thing not at Prather Coliseum. That starts at 1 p.m. in Magale Recital Hall.
This is one of JT’s favorite events because it focuses on Louisiana’s unique culture.
Doors open at 9 a.m. and the event concludes around 10 p.m.
If you need another incentive to participate..it’s all inside with air-conditioning.
Sad…there’s no other way to define it.
JT read earlier this week where there are 10, 000 residents still living in trailers or temporary shelters after Hurricanes Ida and Laura.
And here we are in the beginning stages of another hurricane season.
On top of that…none of those 10,000 are among the displaced nursing home citizens who suffered during the evacuation.
JT’s been watching a crew build a boathouse on Cane River the past few days. It’s progressed rather rapidly watching them swim around the pilings, to laying the deck and framing the walls and roof.
He was mentioning the project to someone the other day…that used to have a boathouse.
They described the boathouse as a “mini nature preserve.”
It looks great from the outside, but inside it’s home to wasps, snakes, spiders, critters of all kinds…and oh yea…more wasps.
There’s been no official word…but JT’s pretty sure Attorney General Jeff Landry is running for governor. His advertisements are popping up all over and his media team is knocking out press release after press release.
The latest one really caught JT’s attention.
Landry wants the state bond commission, of which he’s a member, to hold all requests from New Orleans. It’s in response to their city officials who have openly stated they will not enforce state abortion laws.
JT’s not sure that’s a reason to punish the city…this sounds more like a reason to remove an elected official from office for malfeasance.
There have been several names mentioned for AG if Landry runs for governor.
One of those reportedly in… regardless of what Landry does…is Ruston District Attorney John Belton. Belton serves the Third Judicial District of Lincoln and Union parishes. He apparently has the support of quite a few District Attorneys in our area.