NPD arrests for July 7-21, 2022


All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or by administrative action. Photos obtained from Natchitoches Times database unless otherwise stated. •FTA-failure to appear, •CDS-Controlled Dangerous Substance
Mark A. Bynog, w/m, 55, FTA
Darryl Joseph, b/m, 567, resisting, remaining
Laura Riedl, w/f, 27, loud music
Cortez King, b/m, 21, remaining
Jimetrius Johnson, b/m, 45, FTA

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Fredrick Bernstine, b/m, 22, battery of dating partner, simple possession, criminal damage to property.
Keith Little, w/m, 51, interfering w/law enforcement investigations, resisting, disturbing the peace by public intoxication
Frances Meziere, b/f, 4 counts FTA
Keyuntae McHenry, b/m, 25, simple burglary
April Coleman, w/f, 39, FTA
Keith Green, b/m, 49, theft
John Dumars, b/m, 23, possession of sch. I
Randy Frazier, b/m, possession of firearm by convicted felon
Corey Logan, b/m, 344, resisting, possession of firearm by felon, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of sch. I (2 counts) turn signal, tint, no driver’s license, no insurance, no registration.

•Imani Newman, b/f, 49, theft, 2 counts FTA
Brian Walker, w/m, 32, aggravated battery, domestic abuse

•Attavious Elam, b/m, 35, Campti, 2 counts FTA

•Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 56, remaining
Arajae Jones, b/f, 19, theft
Jamartrez Jones, b/m, 20,Natchez, possession of sch. I, possession of sch. IV
Joshua Lacour, b/m, burglary
Fredrick Benjamin, b/m, burglary
James Law, b/m, 36, FTA, resisting, no drivers license for motorized bicycle
LaToya Carter, b/f, 41, theft
Sharon N. Taylor, w/f, 36, Provencal, FTA

•Cortez Duncantell, b/m, 29, unauthorized entry into inhabited dwelling.
Daniel M. Adams, w/m, 34, Campti, FTA
Tryvon White, b/m, 21, possession of stolen things

•Domenique White, b/m, 32, 3 counts attempted 1st-degree rape, sexual battery
Steven Mathews, w/m, 36, Ashland, unauthorized entry
Shola Obialo, b/f, 32, resisting by false name

•Kevin Evans, b/m, 39, aggravated assault w/firearm, 3 counts FTA.
Kyley Desadier, b/m, 20, theft
David Anderson, b/m, 34, criminal damage to property, 3 counts FTA
Isaiah Shagun, b/m, 24, Ruston, simple possession/resisting
Cedric Daniels, b/m, 36, domestic abuse battery, resisting

•Adrian Middleton, b/m, 33, 2 counts attempted 2nd-degree murder
Peter Richards, b/m, 42, 2 counts possession w/intent 2nd or subsequent
Shelia Flakes, b/f, 38, FTA
Larry Smith, b/m, 43, FTA, simple possession of sch. I, possession of sch. II
•••Brianna Lacey, b/f, 27, attempted 2nd-degree murder
•••Derrick Johnson, b/m, 45, 2nd-degree rape

•Dexter Aught Jr., b/m, 26, remaining
Myesha Shields, b/f, 45, simple battery.