City to sell water to Powhatan; New well coming to Waterwell Road


Carolyn Roy
Action at the City Council meeting Monday will facilitate the sale of water to the Village of Powhatan and at the same time improve the City water supply.
The council adopted Resolution 66 that authorizes the City to advertise for bids for the project to drill a water well on Waterwell Road. It is estimated that the well will produce some 300,000 gallons of potable water a day with some 20,000 gallons piped to Powhatan. The other 280,000 gallons per day will be an emergency backup for the City.
Director of Utilities Matt Anderson estimated that the average usage per home is 100-120 gallons per day per person. There are about 200 homes on the City water system.
The adoption of Resolution 67 authorized the City to advertise for bids for laying the water line and site work in Powhatan.
The project to supply potable water to Powhatan began in April of 2021 when the village was put on a list of “financially distressed municipalities” compiled by the La. Legislative Auditor’s Office. The designation listed the village as having significant problems with its water system.
The state offered to resolve those problems by awarding the City a $2 million grant from the La. Community Development Block Grant program.
The project includes engineering and construction of water lines about 7 miles long from Natchitoches to Powhatan.

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Through an agreement with the village, the City will own and operate the meter installations that will be located at the north end of the new waterline near Bayou Pierre as well as the booster stations.
The village will be responsible for the booster stations, repairs, utilities and chemical expenses.
The agreement states that the City will have the right to close the connecting valve should it adversely affect the operation or integrity of the City’s water system.
The City acquired easements for the water line along La. Hwy.1 North along the La. DOTD right-of-way.
The block grant comes from the Federal Government’s La. Cares Act of 2020 that gave $1.8 billion to Louisiana. Gov. John Bel Edwards allocated $810 million for local government projects. Relief Funds were allocated by parish using a weighted average calculation based on 30 percent for total population of the parish and 70 percent for confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the parish.
Although unrelated to the Powhatan project, a proposed ordinance will further improve the City water delivery system. Ordinance 45 authorizes the City to advertise for the West Natchitoches Water Main Replacement Phase I. It will replace bout 6,000 feet of 12-inch and 4-inch cast iron pipe with PVC lines and replace five fire hydrants.
The ordinance authorizes awarding the bid to Pulley Construction Co. of Benton that had the low bid of $669,000. The final vote will come at the council meeting Aug. 8.
The other bidders were:
•Womack and Sons Construction Group, Harrisonburg, $764,973
•David Lawler Construction Inc., Shreveport, $851,110
•Williams Equipment LLC, Anacoco, $1,113,224.