Road Report for June 2022


Carolyn Roy
The Parish Government Highway Dept. performed 311 jobs during June according to the report submitted to the Parish Council by Interim Director Dustin Hightower. The jobs cost a total of $268,126; $56,431 for labor; $74,359 for materials and $137,334 for equipment. The jobs represented 102 miles that received maintenance.
There were nine jobs in District 1 represented by Chris Paige. They cost $6,028 with $1,345 for labor, $2,454 for materials and $2,227 for equipment.
The jobs included removing and clearing trees from the Grand Ecore Spur and Brick Yard Road, partial grading of Rex Waterwell Road, patching on Celina and Lebrum roads, hauling materials to Vaughn and adding gravel on Marquette.
There were 17 jobs in District 2 formerly represented by Patsy Ward Hoover. They cost a total of $2,572 with $3,789 for labor; $718 for materials; and $1,064 for equipment. There was patching work on Fulton, Patrick, Riverview, Cedar Bend, Benjamin, John and Lewis roads.
Other work included ditching and bushhogging and blading roads.
There were five jobs in District 3 represented by Jim Kilcoyne. The total was $653 with $165 for labor, $221 for materials and $267 for equipment. Most of Kilcoyne’s district is within the City limits. The work included patching on Laird Fletcher and Plantation Point.

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There were 140 jobs for 60 miles in District 4 represented by Marty Cheatwood. The total cost was $102,502 with $20,888 for labor, $28,792 for materials and $52,820 for equipment.
The larger jobs, according to costs, were blading and ditching, adding gravel and installing culverts on Burney Road; work on the road and ditching on William Wooley; ditching and road work on Mt. Zion Church Road; blading and ditching on Posey Road; road work, blading and ditching, installing culverts; and removing a tree, ditching and installing culverts on James Dick Road.
The largest district by size, District 5, represented by John Salter, had 140 jobs on 41 miles at a cost of $156,360. Of the total, $33,42 was for labor, $42,173 was for materials and $80,954 was for equipment.
The major jobs included blading, ditching and adding gravel to Page Hill Road; blading and ditching Mora-Hutton; ditching, road work, adding gravel, road work and bushhogging on Dubois Road; and road work and ditching on Janie-Gorum.