NPD arrests from July 21-28, 2022


All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or by administrative action. Photos obtained from Natchitoches Times database or those exempt from the mugshot law •FTA-failure to appear, •CDS-Controlled Dangerous Substance
Darryl Joseph, b/m, 57, simple assault, remaining
Diane Kennedy, b/f, 55, simple kidnapping


•Leon Melancon, b/m, 41, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 2 counts FTA

•Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 56, Natchez, entry/remaining after being forbidden

•Trandon Mitchell, b/m, 24, entry/remaining after being forbidden
Crystal G. Lewis, b/f, 29, hit and run, theft, FTA
Markayla Hardy, b/f, 26, simple possession of marijuana

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Crystal Lewis, b/f, 28, FTA
Alphonso Dobbins, b/m, theft
Roderick Walker, b/m, 27, FTA
Hagop Kitisitan, w/m, 44, theft
Cedric Osborne, b/m, 63, sexual battery (misdemeanor)
Shalynn Matthews, b/f, 221, theft
Keanna Cross, b/f, 19, Alexandria, theft