NPD incident report for July 13-19, 2022

Incident Report Calls to NPD and 911

Juanice Gray

•July 13
10:10 a.m.: Caller on Rusbo Street reported sighting of a snake under her couch.
After 10 p.m.: Thunderstorm in area: Numerous calls concerning limbs, trees and power lines down as well as burglary alarms related to power outages.

•July 14
9:53 a.m.: Complainant advises she was sexually assaulted by a known male in 1983.
11:50 a.m.: Female at the station reported being sexually touched inappropriately by an older white male while at Sonny’s Donut Shop
1:40 p.m.: Officer out at residence at 1107 Berry Ave. in reference to animal complaint. Summons issued to Tommy Jackson for no pet tags, no rabies, animal cruelty, condition of premises, vet care, resisting, act of unnecessary pain and suffering to animal
2:29 p.m.: Officer out at Wendy’s on University Parkway in reference to animal complaint. Vehicle owner (a black 2010 Toyota Corolla) was given a warning for leaving a dog in the vehicle with windows up, engine off, and no access to water for a long period of time.
10:41 p.m.: Caller at Carter’s Trailer Park reported Cedric Daniels, b/m, 36, hitting her with a water bottle while she was in the shower then came back and hit her again. Daniels was charged with domestic abuse battery and booked into NPDC.

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•JULY 15
1:16 p.m.: Dollar Tree called to report a male customer was at the checkout and two males came in and assaulted the customer Caller stated she heard around three gunshots. Received calls from other subjects in area. Caller stated all three subjects left the business and the two suspects got into a white Nissan and the customer got into a blue Chevy with a white hood and the victim was chasing after the suspect headed toward Wal-Mart. All were located. Evidence was retrieved. Parties were arrested.
3:52 p.m.: Speedy Pete’s called stating a vehicle, tag number given, drove into the caution bar causing approximately $6,000 in damages.
6:08 p.m.: 911 caller stated her cell phone was stolen from a shopping cart at WalMart. Phone was retrieved from the subjects
10:38 p.m.: Shelia Flakes was arrested on a warrant for animals running at large. She was released after paying $376 and given a return court date.
11:17 p.m.: Peter Richards was arrested on drug charges and failure to signal. Transported to NPDC and issued return court date.

•July 16
4:23 a.m.: An officer at Willow Bend Apartments noticed a damaged window on a vehicle with approximately $300 in damage. Owner was unaware of damages.
5:23 a.m.: Larry Smith was arrested at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center for possession of sch I and on a warrant for theft by shoplifting. Taken to NPDC.

•July 17
1:52 p.m.: Caller reported a possible kidnapping of a female subject. Description of clothing and vehicle provided. Caller stated female subject ran inside Shekinah Glory and a male subject grabbed her while she was in the foyer and dragger inside the car and left headed north on MLK Drive. Witnesses provided license plate number. Vehicle located at a residence on MLK. Couple admitted they were involved in a verbal altercation that never turned physical an the female got into the car willingly.
7:16 p.m.: Shots were reported in the area of Sanford/Amulet Streets. One caller gave the vehicle descriptions of a white Chevy pickup and a tan Ford Taurus. A caller advised they were headed to the Bailey Heights area. Officers recovered shell casings from 316 Sanford and also spoke with a resident. Female advised she was in a physical altercation with a female and male. They both began shooting at her and fled the scene.
9:20 p.m.: Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office requested mutual aid in reference to a structure fire at 111 Blanchard Lane in Red River Parish. RRPSO advised manpower and water needed. FD 9 advised they are on scene and there is no fire. FD 9 advised there was an issue with a candle and cancelled page for assistance.

•July 18
1:57 a.m.: Female caller stated a group of approximately nine males barged into her residence on Virginia Ave questioning her about the whereabouts of a male she knows. Caller stated she was hit with a gun.
2:04 a.m.: 911 caller on I49 southbound advised he is driving a Tesla and is completely out of power with no headlights or hazards. Caller stated he was carrying a trailer and in the middle of both lanes. Gas powered tow truck called to assist.
10:45 a.m.: Motel 6 called to request a male subject, who has baeen bnned from the property, be removed.
2:57 p.m.: Caller reported a disturbance on Henry Ave. Officer spoke with subject who stated he hit his hand with a hammer and that’s where the scream came from.

•JULY 19
10 a.m.: NCHS called in reference to a subject who was riding a bicycle on the property and refused to leave the school campus.
11:10 p.m.: Caller on Dixie Street reported someone kicked in his back door causing $500 in damages. No items taken.
11:13 p.m.: Nurse at Coushatta ER stated a male subject came in and advised he was involved in an incident in Campti and someone pulled a gun on the patient during the altercation.
11:21 p.m.: Caller on Myrtle Drive reported a 43 year old male was caught on a fence. The man was freed from the fence.
11:42 p.m.: Motel 6 reported Dexter Aught was trespassing and he has been banned from the property. Aught, 47, was arrested for remaining after being forbidden.