Just Talkin’ for July 28, 2022


JT took advantage of the air-conditioned settings and walked through the Folk Festival in Prather Coliseum last Saturday.
Lots of vendors on hand showcasing everything from pottery to weaving brown cotton and music flowed from every corner of the building.
JT came across one vendor that made him pause a little longer to ponder a purchase decision. That’s because they had on display a couple of urns for your ashes. JT thought about getting one….but he decided maybe next year. There was something about buying it and having to look at it on the shelf and knowing it was waiting on you. .. it seemed a little creepy.
If things look busy around the schoolhouses that’s because it’s crunch time.
In about a week the parish schools will open for the new school year. Natchitoches Parish schools have next Thursday as their start date while at St. Mary’s it’s Friday.
JT asked one parent of youngsters if they were training their kids for the start by getting them up early.
Heck no they said…that first week is what we call “Hell Week.” Why would I want to start that early?
One thing JT is pretty sure of…. there will be a lot of breakfast served at the donut shops and fast food places while the routines are fine tuned.
Sure hope the stores don’t run out of headache medicine.
One of the magazines JT looks forward to reading is one called “Louisiana Kitchen & Culture”. He happened to be looking at the July/August issue the other day and on the cover was a mention of a “Louisiana Icon” when it comes to food.
That icon was the Natchitoches Meat Pie. JT had forgotten, but in 2003 it was named the official state meat pie.
They re-printed the recipe of the Meat Pie from Mrs. Charles E. Cloutier from the Natchitoches Service League’s cookbook, Cane River Cuisine, and a short article about the Meat Pie’s influence on our area.
Let’s not forget Lasyone’s, the Meat Pie Festival, a Meat Pie Pageant and the Meat Pie Triathlon.
Don’t know how you feel…but this Internet spam is way out of control. Surely, there is some regulatory agency that can stop all the trash e-mails we are getting.
JT opened his mail the other morning and the first 10 items congratulated him for winning stuff…and he had no past interaction with any of them.
For example, he won a new John Deere law tractor, a $500 American Airline Gift Card, a Samsung TV, a Craftsman Tool Cabinet, a Dewalt Extreme Drill, a Makita drill and numerous discounts for being a lucky shopper.
That was just the e-mail headings. Of course JT didn’t bother opening them….despite the temptation.
There are a lot of people that do fall for these scams because curiosity got the best of them.
On a side note…even though we have Do Not Call legislation, there are over 129-million spam calls a day. The average person gets around three a day…but if you don’t answer…the number of calls is easily in double digits.
Since we are coming upon election season in Louisiana, someone could get a lot of votes if they pledged to stop the e-mail junk and spam or robo calling.
JT does have to say his phone service provider offers an app called “Call Filter” that works fairly well…if you don’t have it, ask your provider about it.