Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for July 30, 2022


JT was not the only one irritated Wednesday when his Internet connection went down for most of the afternoon.
Not sure who the culprit was….but it wasn’t EpicTouch.
He’s pretty sure he wasn’t the only call they got that day accusing them.
Come to find out…the guilty party was a utilities crew who actually cut one of the EpicTouch fiber optic lines.
JT had to go back to the “old days” and actually use a phone book since he couldn’t “Google”. JT did realize that he “Googles” way too much.
Thank goodness everything was restored some time around 7 p.m.
In Thursday’s Natchitoches Times we will be running the list of “Inactive Voters” in Natchitoches Parish. The list is 1,264 names long with most of those in Natchitoches. There are 945 people on the list with Natchitoches addresses. Campti has the second highest number on the list with 73. The community with the fewest names is Bermuda with just one.
Be sure to check the newspaper next Thursday and see if you or a friend is on the list. For easy reference, the names are broken down by communities.
JT thinks the school board made a wise decision in not asking taxpayers to foot the bill for school security.
While the safety of our children is paramount, he doesn’t believe a property tax to pay for security and resource officers is the right step. Neither should it be the responsibility of Sheriff Stuart Wright, who has been carrying a big part of the expense on his own.
There are grants out there for school security and JT bets President Obiden will print some more money for this in light of school shootings around the country.
JT even recalls a plan in Shreveport where a group of fathers bonded together to provide monitoring at Captain Shreve.
It’s a sad situation we find ourselves in that we have to put policemen in our schools. It just means educational dollars are not getting to the classroom where they belong.
JT heard there was a drive-by shooting in East Natchitoches last weekend.
It was in the Williams, Stephens and Henry area and rattled the neighbors pretty good to be awakened around 2:45 a.m. Sunday to gunshots. That shouldn’t happen in our small town….but it is.
It reminded JT of the visit he had with a gentleman from Houston. He had been in town for quite some time managing a local business. The man, who has a similar business back home, said he felt safer in Houston than he did in Natchitoches.
It’s unfortunate that all the good we have in our community is overshadowed by the instances of craziness and absurdity of others…and they remember that a lot longer than the positive things we have.