ELA LEAP scores push parish forward; Some schools show gains across the board

The first column shows the school name. Second column is the percentage of students earning Mastery in 2021, Third column is for 2022 and the last column shows the growth or decline of each school from 2021 to 2022. Figures do not include high school, therefore no results are listed for Natchitoches Central High School. Lakeview numbers are for junior high students in eighth grade. Grade level LEAP results will be on a separate website post.

Juanice Gray
There are almost an infinite amount of data that factors into the LEAP assessment results. There is a result for each school in each subject tested, a result for each school’s combined scores in each subject, a district total, a grade level total, percentage of change, growth rates and more.
What matters to most are the combined totals for the district and at the school levels. The Dept. of Education released those numbers this week. The district showed a 4% growth in performance and garnered the top spot in the state, shared with only three other districts.
For grades 3-8, in ELA, math, science and social studies combined, Magnet took the top spot with 67% of its students earning Mastery or above. The school had a 1% gain over last year.
The top five were E-Lab with 66% and a whopping 6% gain. Middle lab had 65% earning Mastery or above, but a 3% decline from last year. Provencal had a 36% score, a 7% jump over 2021 and Marthaville had a 36% as well, but declined 2%.

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The largest change went to Fairview Alpha with a 9% change from 11% in 2021 to 20% this year.
Other scores were:
East Natchitoches, 13% with a 5% gain
Goldonna, 18% for both years
Natchitoches Jr. High, 13%, with a 2% gain
M.R. Weaver, 10%, with a 3% gain
Lakeview Jr. High, 14%, with a 1% gain
The Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center (NPTCC) had less than 5% each year.
Parish students can read. The number of students earning Mastery in ELA in grades 3-8 in the parish average around 40%.
By school, this years ELA percentages of Mastery are; Magnet, 78%; E-Lab and Middle Lab, 76%; Marthaville, 54%; Provencal, 48; Fairview Alpha, 31%; Goldonna, 27%; Natchitoches Jr. High and Lakeview Jr. High, 26%; East, 19%; M.R. Weaver, 15%; and NPTCC, less than 5%.
Fairview Alpha had the highest gain in ELA with an 18% jump.
Math scores were solid as well with Magnet maintaining a 75% for two consecutive years. All schools showed improvement except Lakeview Jr. High, down 6%; Middle Lab, down 6%; and Goldonna, down 2%. Fairview led the charge again with a 12% gain; Provencal, 9%; E-Lab, 8%; East, 5%; Natchitoches Jr. High and M.R. Weaver, 3%; and Marthaville, 1% gain.
Science numbers showed gains by all schools and in social studies, all but three schools showed gains.
So how does the parish compare with the rest of the state?
In ELA, the parish has 6% Advanced vs the state rate of 4%. Mastery totals were 34% for parish and state; Basic rate was 16% parish and 21% state; Approaching Basic (AB) was 20% for parish and 19% state; and Unsatisfactory was 24% parish and 22% state.
In math, the parish had 7% Advanced compared to the 5% state rate. Mastery totals were 37% parish and 32% state; Basic was 22% parish and 27% state; AB for parish was 17% and 22% state; and unsatisfactory was 17% parish and 14% state.
Science numbers were 6% parish and state Advanced; Mastery was 19% parish and 16% state; Basic was 27% parish and 31% state; AB was 28% parish and 30% state; and unsatisfactory was 21% parish and 17% state.
Advanced scores in social studies are 5% parish and 6% state; Mastery, 17% parish and 15% state; Basic, 23% parish and state; AB, 25% parish and 27% state; and unsatisfactory, 30% parish and 29% state.
The numbers above were for the third grade only. Other grade levels mimic these results.
A full breakdown of each grade is on page 12A will be posted at www.natchitochestimes.com.