Just Talkin’ for Aug. 4, 2022


Summer is over and school buses are hours away from rolling.
You could sure tell it the past few weeks as things around town really slowed down.
JT hears a lot of folks were using those last two weeks of August to get some type of vacation in before the school bells ring. The tourist influx seemed to be down. JT even noticed a couple of times the horse drawn carriages were on their route…without any passengers.
With schools re-opening we should regain some rhythm to our lives.
A lot of interest will be on the enrollment at Northwestern.
One day after Louisiana schools were ranked the third worst in the nation, a group of school superintendents opposed a move to toughen how public schools are graded.
Currently, 70 percent of the state’s schools have an A or B rating despite college entry, ACT scores and other assessments not being in line with those marks. Changing the school grading criteria would require students to do more for a school to earn an A rating, including passing two college-level exams and getting 12 dual enrollment credits with a C plus or higher on key subjects.
There’s much more to the proposal to change the grades a school gets, but the bottom line is to move away from the current system would certainly see school ratings drop and would put more superintendents and boards under fire from parents and others.
We’ve been at the bottom of most every “Worst Schools in the Nation” lists for literally decades. Why has that not changed? And why isn’t anyone that concerned?
JT’s always felt that comparing one Louisiana school against another was useless…it like saying this school is the best of the worst. We should be compared regionally and nationally…after all…we want our educators paid that way don’t we?
The housing market has been going crazy nationwide because of the pandemic.
JT hears the same is going on for Sibley Lake property here…although the reasoning is a little different.
It appears the crime and shootings in the city has enticed many to look for something around the lake that’s outside the city limits.