Assistance available for spaying or neutering pets


In 2021, the Natchitoches Humane Society (NHS) rescued 425 animals throughout Natchitoches Parish. Of that number, 323 were sent to rescues in northern states for adoption, 43 were adopted locally and the rest are still in our care awaiting heartworm treatment and/or adoption.

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As time passes, NHS is able to transport fewer and fewer animals to northern facilities. Even though they enforce spaying and neutering, they are seeing a decline in adoptions due to the number of animals coming from the south.
The NHS received two grants for $5,000 each to help residents with the cost of spaying and neutering. There is some money left and NHS would like to help as many animals as possible to cut down on the number of litters of puppies and kittens that will end up abandoned, neglected, or a drain on their owners.
Visit and click on “Information” then “Spay Natchitoches” and fill out an application or text 318-663-0485 to an application mailed.
Magnolia Low Cost Spay and Neuter will host a spay/neuter clinic in Natchitoches Aug. 25 and a voucher would cover the total cost, including a rabies shot. To sign up visit, scroll to “Events” and find the Natchitoches location. This will require a $25 deposit which will be refunded at the time of the surgery. If unable to make the August event, the voucher can be used at Magnolia’s permanent location in Alexandria.
Also, Robinson’s Rescue in Shreveport is offering free spay/neuter for households in Natchitoches that meet certain income criteria. Pet owners would need to go to their location at 2525 Line Ave., Shreveport.
For information visit