Just Talkin’ for Aug. 11, 2022


The story on the Natchitoches Parish bookmobile last week in our paper really took JT back.
As a lad he used the bookmobile a couple of times….so when he saw one the other day in a parking lot he just had to take a step back in time and board the rolling library.
Of course it seemed a little smaller than JT remembered… he was a 3 foot something lad opposed to nearly 6 feet now. But the selection of bookmobile items and enthusiasm of the driver seemed the same.
We are one of only a few parishes in Louisiana that still have access to a bookmobile. It’s a true treasure…so if you get a chance hop on board.
We all know that beauty shops can be the source of some really good news (sometimes referred to as gossip) but JT’s recent trip was quite entertaining.
A lady, who had stuff stuck to her hair and must have been waiting for it to set, was prodded into telling a story about her family dog.
It seems the dog was a roamer of the neighborhood. He’d leave the yard in the morning and wouldn’t return until late in the afternoon. He apparently had a route of visiting various homes for food, water and treats and perhaps a few trash cans, on it’s daily route.
One neighbor had treats for the visiting dog and another had a bowl of food and water for his convenience. It was the final stop of the day that had his owners confused.
The last stop, the family finally determined, was a restaurant near the house. He would gobble up whatever scraps were available where the trash cans were kept….AND…he would lick up whatever alcohol was remaining in the bottles and cans or had leaked forming a puddle. When the dog would get home…he was staggering drunk. And this happened over and over and the family was a little embarrassed by it
Oh…did JT forget to mention…the dog’s owner was the local minister and his family.
Apparently dogs liking the taste of alcohol are not that uncommon.
JT was reminded of one bulldog that has a weakness for scotch ice cubes. The pet’s owner would pull an ice cube from their drink and give it to the dog that “loves” it.
Any attempt to give the dog a regular ice cube is useless….one lick of the cube and they are done.