USDA and Louisiana Housing Corporation discuss rural development in Natchitoches

USDA Program Director Matthew Seaton describes business development programs available to local entrepreneurs and establish business owners. Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson
Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) welcomed a new Executive Director, Joshua Hollins, in April. In the same month, Deidre Robert became the State Director of Rural Development for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Together, they embarked on a series of informational community meetings they’ve dubbed the LHC/USDA Road Show to familiarize rural community leaders with resources available for rural development and housing access.
Robert described more than 40 rural development programs administered by the USDA to support rural communities. Their programs include loans, grants and other financing support and targeted assistance for residents, businesses and community projects. Examples of such programs range from funding public water resource improvement, to residential energy efficiency loans and financing guarantees for rural business creation.

This article published in the Aug. 18, 2022, print edition.

Hollins and his team described programs to support residents with disaster recovery, housing preservation and energy assistance programs. LHC also finances the construction of single-family and multi-family housing and provides rural residents with opportunities for home ownership. LHC focuses on developing housing opportunities for residents across Louisiana.
All Natchitoches residents can benefit from LHC’s and the USDA’s programs because the City of Natchitoches and all other communities in the parish are classified as rural. For more information about resources provided by LHC, visit For more information about USDA rural development programs visit or contact the USDA Service Center located at 318-352-7100.
LHC Executive Director Joshua Hollins explains the organizations efforts to provide high quality and affordable housing to Louisiana Residents.

The event was well-attended by officials from the City of Natchitoches, but smaller communities in the parish were under-represented and the Parish Council was not in attendance because of a scheduled meeting. Those wishing to learn more may still attend the nearest scheduled rural meeting at 1208 Main St. in Colfax at 10 a.m. Aug. 18.