Gorum bin site will relocate


Carolyn Roy
Parish President John Richmond gave an update on solid waste sites as part of his monthly report to the Parish Council at the meeting Monday. Other department heads also gave their reports.
The Parish will move forward with installation of a manned, controlled bin site next to the district fire station at the old Gorum school. Richmond attempted to negotiate with the owner of the current site for additional property but was turned down. RoyOMartin also declined to furnish a site for the bin.
At Chestnut, the electrical hookup is pending installation of an additional transformer by SWEPCO.
On Mammy Trail, an agreement has been finalized with a property owner to move the current site further off the road and provide a manned, fenced, controlled bin site. Site work will begin soon.
Office of Community Services Executive Director Sharon Harris reported that her department dispensed 2022 Crisis utility assistance to two households totaling $475.
•2021 ARP utility assistance to 67 households totaled $28,817.
•2022 Cooling utility assistance to 170 households totaled $79,050.
•ATMOS Share the Warmth utility assistance to three households totaled $1,489.
Her department ran out of energy assistance Aug. 12. Heating money for 2023 will be available in November. Harris said clients were coming to her office reporting that utilities were cut off for non-payment all over the parish
The USDA Commodity program provided nutritional food to 113 households July 28. There will be another distribution Aug. 25. Food for Seniors provided food to 155 people 60 and older. There was a distribution date July 28 and another one Aug. 25.
In the Senior Companion Program, there were 37 volunteers; 2,819 volunteer hours for a total of $58,879; 3,617 miles traveled; and 37 clients receiving services.
Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart reported budget revisions that were approved by the Parish Council. They are $330,000 to the highway department for road aggregate, grader rental and equipment depreciation; $22,896 for planning and zoning for permitting revenue; $83,790 for solid waste expenses.
Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart reported three budget revisions that were approved by the council. They are:
•Solid Waste, $83,790 for limb pit, bin sites and fuel
•Planning and Zoning: $21,700 for equipment and software updates
•Highway Department: $569,500 for fuel, aggregate and grader rental
CPA Jessica Broadway, partner in Thomas, Cunningham, Broadway and Todtenbier, said the annual audit had no findings an complimented the finance department on their cooperation. She said new software made the audit easier to conduct the audit.