The Republican Commitment to America


During my travels through La.’s Fourth Congressional District, I’ve heard from countless constituents about the state of our union. To put it bluntly: people are not happy.
And who could blame them? We have soaring inflation, uninhibited illegal immigration, and stunning levels incompetence from Washington Democrats.
No matter where I am for a town hall meeting or speaking event, from Kinder to Springhill, Louisianians are up in arms about the state of affairs in our country and the crises they see in every area of public policy.
Fortunately, in less than 100 days, voters across the country will have the opportunity to send a message at the polls.  

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If voters entrust Republicans with a majority in the United States House of Representatives, here’s what we pledge to work tirelessly to deliver in return: an economy that is strong; a nation that is safe; a future that is free; and a government that is accountable.
Instead of attempting to redefine what the word “recession” means, we will fight to bring down inflation by putting a stop to wasteful government spending, shoring up supply chain snafus, and reconnecting the nearly 11 million Americans who have left the workforce since 2020 to good paying jobs.
Instead of begging foreign dictators to produce more oil, we will return to the pro-American energy policies that made us energy dominant, not just independent. And that starts right here in Louisiana.
Instead of ignoring the obvious crisis at the border, we will work to secure the border, and put an end to the catch-and-release policies of the current Administration.
Instead of calling to defund the police, we will invest again in our law enforcement agencies and officers and restrict federal funding from activist prosecutors who ignore crime in our streets. And we will fight to remove fentanyl – the number one killer of Americans aged 18-49 – from our communities.
Instead of weaponizing the Department of Justice against parents who are fed up with the “woke” agenda being forced upon students in schools, we will pass a Parents’ Bill of Rights so moms and dads across the country can be active participants in their children’s education.
Instead of fearmongering, we will ensure that our elections are free, fair, and accessible.
But that’s just the beginning of our Commitment to America. Over the next 100 days, Republican candidates in every area of the country will be hearing directly from voters about the issues on their hearts and minds. You can be assured that we are listening.
And when a Republican majority is restored to the People’s House, we will be ready on Day 1 to deliver answers and action to all the major challenges facing our great nation. That day cannot arrive soon enough.
Congressman Johnson is the Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference, a member of the House Judiciary and Armed Services Committees, and a former constitutional law litigator.