Water District 2 to replace storage tank to prevent failure


Nathan Wilson
The Board of Commissioners of Waterworks District 2 passed a resolution Aug. 18 authorizing the purchase of two 10,000 gallon poly tanks to temporarily replace an older 250,000 gallon ground storage tank serving the community of Natchez. Waterworks staff noticed corrosion problems with the current tank and requested an inspection by Southeastern Tank, Inc., which identified the structure’s roof as being partially collapsed resulting from failure of the tank’s central support column.
The poly tanks will offer capacity to provide treated water to local residents until the primary storage tank can be replaced with a similarly sized unit. If the ground storage tank were to collapse without a substitute available, residents could be left without potable water. The complexity of manufacturing and delivering the poly tanks result in an expected delivery time of 10 to 12 weeks.
In passing the resolution, Waterworks District 2 Board of Commissioners described the situation as an “extreme public emergency” owing to the potential for a months-long drinking water service outage for area residents. Manager Les Dunn explains replacing the failing tank will prevent the emergency scenario. “We’re trying to solve a problem before we have a major problem,” he says. “The poly tanks are going to keep the water flowing while the 250,000 gallon tank is dismantled and a new one put in its place.”
The 10,000 gallon poly tanks will be paid from the Water district’s reserves.