Just Talkin’ for Aug. 25, 2022


Lots of folks are encountering snakes this time of year but Marion Johnston has one of the more entertaining tales JT has heard in a long time. Seems Marion was changing the sheets on her bed and shook out some cover only to send a small snake flying across the room.
She immediately screamed for “Donnnnnie”, her husband, who showed up with a broom. He whacked the snake that somehow ended up under the bed. When Donnie finally swept the snake out, Marion was waiting with a shoe firmly in hand. (If you know Marion, you know she’s not afraid of anything, much less a small snake.)
She proceeded to pound the poor snake with her shoe until he was lifeless, unlike many women JT knows who cower just at the word “snake.”
Marion, a interior designer by profession, was asked to describe the markings on the snake, that she said was “kind of a plaid.”
JT was hard pressed to find a snake identified as “kind of a plaid” and Marion’s Facebook friends couldn’t agree if the critter was poisonous, only that it was a good snake, a dead one.
JT is flabbergasted that some property owners haven’t made any efforts to improve their properties after the City issued condemnation orders.
Some took care of business and got their property in ship-shape.
Others, even those who contested the orders, still have not done one thing to improve the living conditions for their tenants.
Procrastination is one thing; defiance is another.
Football is finally here. Yea.
Jamborees are on tap for this weekend with the regular season set to start next weekend.
Don’t forget to fly your school flags and wear school colors on game day. JT plans on still observing “Purple Friday” for the Demons and we should all support our local teams; however we can.
So let’s cheer on our local school teams for a safe and successful season.
And a big thank you to our coaching staffs for their dedication to our athletes. They really make a huge personal sacrifice for our children and they are appreciated.
JT…and others…are just amazed at how many fast food places we have in our area.
He’s felt, for a long time, there’s got to be something that attracts them here that he’s just not seeing.
THEN…someone comes up with a pretty plausible reason.
Because of our high concentration of people receiving governmental subsidies it’s the fast food industry’s attempt to capture their share of governmental money. That makes perfect sense. We do have a high percentage of our population living on income below the poverty level or who are living on federal aids.
That probably explains why we don’t have a national grocery store chain like Albertson’s, Kroger or even a Winn-Dixie.
The return of a Brookshire’s would be nice but that’s not likely to happen since our Brookshire stores were replaced with their Super One brand.
JT happened to notice the other day our beautiful oaks along the riverbank downtown. One seems to be struggling.
If you look near the Roque House construction site, you’ll notice an oak tree that appears to be dying. It’s not bushy like the other oak trees on the riverbank, nor is it producing as green a leaf as the other trees. In fact, you can actually see through the limbs to the other side.
JTs not sure but he hopes it can be saved. The beautiful oaks add a lot to the riverbank.
JT did read that the HDDC has dedicated funding to saving the tree and hopes the efforts are successful.
A couple of nice trends JT is enjoying is the rain and the lower gas prices.
Both are still a mystery but JT’s not complaining.
The rains this week…while heavy at times…was very welcome. It’s helping to fill up the ponds, lakes and rivers….while at the same time driving down temperatures. Don’t know about you….but the temperatures under 90 degrees have been pleasant.
What’s also nice is filling up you gas tank for less than $75…but per gallon prices are all over the board.
JT noticed on a recent trip to Baton Rouge that gas prices here were less than in the Capital City. He then made a weekend trip to Shreveport and filled up for an even cheaper price per gallon.
Not sure what’s going on…but it’s so much better than it was two months ago when the price was over $4 per gallon.