Kennedy speaks frankly about national politics

A capacity crowd filled Lasyone’s Banquet room to hear US Senator John Kennedy speak on the political climate in Washington, DC.

Juanice Gray
The only way to make America great again is to vote. US Sen. John Kennedy (R) voiced that sentiment at Lasyone’s Meat Pie Restaurant to Chamber of Commerce members and guests Wednesday, Aug. 24. His updates into the actions of the federal government were at times sobering and laughable.
Kennedy sits on the appropriations committee as well as four others. He said he and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) work closely together to get every penny possible for Louisiana. He said in five years, $20 billion has been appropriated for disaster relief and $3.5 billion for roads and bridges with “not one penny from the fake infrastructure bill.”
“As bad as it looks on the outside, you should see if from the inside,” Kennedy said in reference to the government under the Biden administration. “You’re not completely free if you can’t say what you want or express yourself.”

“President Biden believes in higher taxes, more spending, bigger government, more debt which is now greater than the national output, more regulation, open borders, defunding the police and he has forfeited America’s energy independence.”
Kennedy stated his belief is that if one works hard and earns it, then one should keep most of it. “I don’t believe you get to spend more money when there’s none left,” he said.
He further described Washington, DC as having two divisions. “One believes the federal government made America great and the second is made of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Group one is in charge. I belong to the second group.”
Kennedy stated that 40% of the Gross Domestic Product is related to oil and gas and petrochemicals. “Biden declared war on oil and gas…The National Environmental Policy Act, NEPA, changes will make it impossible to get a pipeline permit.” He said he didn’t believe an economy could be run without fossil fuels, a direct contrast to President Biden’s policy of “wind, solar and wishful thinking.”
He also spoke on crime and immigration. He said he supports police, but should a cop deliberately hurt someone and a crime is committed, there should be accountability. Emphasis on deliberate. “I believe in second chances,” he said. “But I think there are some people in this world that are just antisocial and just hurt other people. Those people have to be separated from society. Without order, there can be no justice.”
As far as immigration, he referred to the US as a home with locked doors. “You lock your doors to protect who is inside, not because you hate everyone on the outside.” He said legal immigration is this country’s foundation, but not vetting who comes in your door not prudent.

“You’re not completely free if you can’t say what you want or express yourself,” Sen. John Kennedy said at the Chamber luncheon Aug. 24. Chamber President Laura Lyles, right, welcomed Kennedy who departed by saying, “Thanks for the meat pies.”

The topic of education had Kennedy attempting to recall the first six US Presidents in order. He said he couldn’t, but he could name his first six teachers. “Why is it young repeat offenders are more likely to grow up and go to jail? One reason is they have no education.” He advocated the need for the ability to read by the third grade. “Getting promoted socially is no help.  We need to find out which of our teachers can teach and pay them what they’re worth and either raise up or weed out the teachers that can’t teach.”
He concluded by stating he believes the future can be better than the now and the past.
“The water is not going to clear until you get the pigs out of the creek. How do you get the pigs out? Vote!” he said.