L.P. Vaughn Elementary hosts State Supt. Dr. Cade Brumley


L.P. Vaughn Elementary School and its teachers had the honor of speaking with Louisiana State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley Monday, Aug. 29 about Louisiana’s first K-2 Accountability Plan.

The Louisiana Department of Education adopted a K-2 Accountability Plan at the end of August to combat the state’s literacy crisis and bring more accountability to educational systems.

Dr. Brumley spoke with teachers about Louisiana’s literacy crisis and what actions teachers can take to ensure students are learning how to read in the early years of education.

L.P. Vaughn teachers discussed their struggles in the classroom and brainstormed ideas on how to transform their school and elevate the role of a teacher.

“Teaching is incredibly difficult work,” said Brumley. “It is the profession that starts all other professions. We must do a better job of compensating, listening to and understanding obstacles that get in our way.”