NPD Incident Report for Aug. 20-21 and Sept. 10, 2022

Incident Report Calls to NPD and 911

Aug. 20-21
5:59 p.m.: Officer advised a female reported someone caused $800 in damages to her vehicle on Meadows Drive. Incident occurred between 4 a.m- 4 p.m..
8:30 p.m.: Trailboss worker reported a male on a bicycle trying to commint a battery on the workers. Caller advised the male crashed his bike into the ditch and came at the employees
5:56 p.m.: Caller on Holmes St. reported a male hit her in the face with a coke can.
Aug. 22
3:59 a.m.: Caller at Lakeview Apts. II advised her tires were cut. Value $200.
4:01 a.m.: Caller at Lakeview Apts. II advised multiple vehicles had cut times. A second car had two cut. Damages total $400.
4:01 a.m.: Third call from Lakeview Apts. II. Two tires cut. Damages total $500.
4:24 a.m.: Fourth call…Tires cut on fourth vehicle. Unable to make contact with owner.

Sept. 10

Concerned citizen called requesting an officer to Nexgen on Keyser Ave. in reference to a b/m subject following customers to their car and having inappropriate conversations. Officer made contact with Daryl Joseph and advised he leave and not return since he is banned from the premises.
Caller requested officer to her premises on Behan Street in reference to an adult giving a minor alcohol. Officer advised her of proper steps to take.
Officer requested to area of Grace/Dorothy Streets. Two b/m jumped in front of a vehicle and attempted to break the window. No damages.
911 caller requested officer’s assistance with an accident at McDonalds on Keyser Ave.
Caller reported someone broke into his storage shed at 357 Jefferson St. Sometime between Sept. 1-9. Entry was gained through the back window and a couple of tools, a 1 gallon compressor and a nail gun were taken. Value is $400.
A walk in complainant stated he gave his truck to someone to get work done and the person sold it.
Officer requested to The Ink Spot to assist with a hit and run.
Officer arrested Jamarquist Jones, b/m, 27, on a bench warrant for one or no headlights. Jones was released on $65 cash bond.
Towing company advised they towed a gold 2012 Chevrolet Impala from Blanchard Road.
Caller advised officer was needed at Dixie/Grace in reference to juveniles fighting on the bus. Juveniles were arrested and parents were notified of the situation. Two female juveniles were given return juvenile court dates.
An accident between a 2013 Ford and a 2012 Ford Focus was reported at Woodyard/South Drive.
An accident was reported at Washington/West Lakeshore Drive between a 2012 Nissan Maxima and a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu. Possible injury.
A four vehicle accident was reported at Scarborough Ave/Rosebud St. involving a 2017 Nissan Sentra, 2003 Ford Mustang, 2016 Ford Expedition and2021 Cadillac Cutlass.
Several calls received about a fight at Super 8 on Hwy 3110. Krista Gillum was turned over to the City Marshall.
Officer requested to 200 Sylvan Drive in reference to a juvenile causing a disturbance.
Officer requested to Super 1 Bypass parking lot in reference to a hit and run. Caller provided tag number and the driver was located at 505 Bonnette St. A citation was issued to that driver.
Officer requested to Trail Boss in reference to caller feeling unsafe. Advised significant other purchased a firearm. That person was escorted to Motel 6 and a weapon check was run on a Taurus 40.
Concerned citizen reported loud music at a fraternity house on the NSU campus.