NPD arrests as of Sept. 22, 2022


All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or by administrative action. Photos obtained from Natchitoches Times database or those exempt from the mugshot bill
••Mugshot requested but not provided •FTA-failure to appear, •CDS-Controlled Dangerous Substance

Antonio Taylor, b/m, 32, simple criminal damage to property
Chance Scott, w/m, 19, Coushatta, criminal mischief
Hunter Guthrie, w/m, 20, Heflin, aggravated assault w/firearm, possession of firearm on premises of alcoholic beverage outlet
Darryl Joseph, b/m, 57, remaining, simple possession of marijuana

•Jessie Petite, b/m, aggravated domestic abuse battery
•Michael Mitchell, b/m, 35, St. Maurice, disturbing the peace by public intoxication.
Jeffery Dixon, b/m, 44, Alexandria, possession of sch. II, disturbing the peace by public intoxication, 2 counts possession of marijuana
Donald Allen, b/m, simple battery, FTA
Kimaneshia Richards, b/f, 32, 3 counts resisting, littering, simple criminal damage to property, battery of an officer, disturbing the peace in a violent manner, simple burglary.
Catrena Wafer, b/f, 18, domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse battery w/child endangerment
Bradley Hayes, w/m, 49, 2 counts simple burglary of a church
Albert Law, b/m, 32, disturbing the peace
•Jamarquist Jones, b/m, 27, Natchez, FTA
Eric Hudson, b/mm, 25, possession of sch. I (felony), possession of sch. I (misdemeanor)
Christopher Graham, b/m, 41, disturbing the peace by language
Dedrick Moore, b/m, 36, 2 counts theft, remaining
•Kiera Moore, b/f, 33, 2 counts theft, remaining
Jerry Donaway Jr., b/m, 47, disturbing the peace by fighting
Otis Johnson IV, b/m,46, disturbing the peace by fighting
Izik Lentz, w/m, 19, disturbing the peace by fighting
Dale E. Brackin Jr., w/m, 18, disturbing the peace by fighting
Reagan S. Hayes, w/m, 21, disturbing the peace by fighting
Lajerius Tousaint, b/m, 22, illegal use of weapons, aggravated criminal damage to property.
•Tapiwa Rabunya, b/m, 20, remaining, possession of sch. I, 2 counts FTA, 2 counts possession of a firearm by felon
•Tyrone Encalade, b/m, 59, simple battery
Michael Paddie, w/m, 48, simple battery
Dontravian Pearrie, b/m, 26, Alexandria, possession of firearm in presence of CDS, 2 counts FTA
Stephen Redda, w/m, 37, resisting, obstructing public passages
Tiffany Valure, w/f, 23, Dodson, 3 counts possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of sch. I w/intent, simple possession of sch. I
•Gregory Washington, b/m, 54, 3 counts aggravated battery, agg. flight, 2 counts resisting, stop signs.
Kelsey Rachal, b/f, theft
Randy Frazier, b/m, 30, theft
Denies Evans Jr., b/m, 37, hit and run, battery on a police officer, resisting w/force
Patrick Dessources, b/m, 20, simple possession of sch. I
Chadwick Nelson, b/m, 19, Natchez, DWI-first offense
•Christa Daniels, b/f, 37, possession of sch. II, 2 counts FTA
Quenton Nash, b/m, 30, possession of sch. I
Savontae Telsee, b/m, 28, FTA