NPD Theft Report for Aug. 20-21, 2022


Aug. 20
7:25 a.m.: Holiday Inn Express caller stated unknown subject(s) entered a vehicle and removed three guns valued at $1,750 and caused $350 in damages to a window.
7:53 a.m.: Caller on Poete reported a vehicle burglary.
11:13 a.m.: Murphy Oil called reporting a theft. Imani Newman charged with theft.
12:33 p.m.: Caller on Pine St. advised when she returned home the night before she noticed the front window of the residence was busted and when she woke up this morning she saw the passenger door on her vehicle was ajar and $50 was missing from the vehicle.
2:33 p.m.: Caller on Williams Ave. reported a theft. Phone footage showed a b/m, subject on a bike stealing a pressure washer valued at $148.
5:17 p.m.: In person complainant stated while on Second St., an unknown subject gained entry to her vehicle and stole her purse. Value $320.
6:26 p.m.: Caller on Poete St., reported someone entered his vehicle and removed a 40 caliber S&W valued at $500. Vehicle was not locked.
11:18 p.m.: Caller at Events Center reported between 7 p.m. and time of call someone stole a S&W pistol valued at $500 and did $600 in damages to vehicle.
Aug. 21
12:19 a.m.: Holiday Inn Express caller reported a vehicle burglary. A weapon and several accessories were stolen valued at $6,000-7,000.
12:29 a.m.: Holiday Inn Express caller reported a vehicle burglary. A P365 XL 9mm firearm and a S&W firearm were stolen by forcing entry through the driver’s side window. Window valued at $600.
12:50 a.m.: 911 call from Best Western reported a vehicle burglary. Entry was gained through an unlocked door. $220 in cash and a speaker valued at $200 were taken.
5:28 a.m.: Caller on N. 5th St. reported a female caused $1,000 in damages to a vehicle.
9:48 a.m.: Hampton Inn caller reported a vehicle burglary. Unknown suspect(s) removed a pair of Jordans from a vehicle. No damages.