NPSO arrests for Sept. 8-18, 2022


All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or by administrative action. Photos obtained from Natchitoches Times database or those exempt from the mugshot bill
••Mugshot requested but not provided •FTA-failure to appear, •CDS-Controlled Dangerous Substance

•Kiera Moore, 33 (bf), contempt of court
Samuel Toms, 46 (wm), domestic abuse battery
Eric Hudson, 25 (bm), 3 counts of contempt of court, arrest warrant
Roddrick Jones, 19 (bm), possession of marijuana, driver must be licensed, procedure on approach of an authorized emergency vehicle, illegal possession of firearm in presence of CDS
Damon Daniels, 20 (bm), possession of marijuana, illegal possession of firearm in presence of CDS
Dayshawn Seals, 18 (bm), possession of marijuana, illegal possession of firearm in presence of CDS, illegal possession of stolen firearm
Christopher Elie, 37 (bm), domestic abuse battery – child endangerment law
Alan Cheatwood, 57 (wm), DWI 1st offense
Roger Pikes, 65 (bm), violation of protective orders
Robert Lowe, 33 (wm), communicating of false information of planned arson
Trinity Naylor, 19 (bf), resisting an officer, criminal conspiracy, simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling, obstruction of justice, accessory
•••Steven Waggoner Sr., 57 (wm), domestic abuse battery, aggravated assault with a firearm
Kelsey Rachal, 33 (bf), 5 counts of contempt of court
Rayshaud Naylor, 20 (bm), simple burglary, resisting an officer, aggravated flight from an officer, maximum speed limit, reckless operation of a vehicle, 2 counts when lighted lamps are required, possession of marijuana, hit and run, muffler requirements
Gregory Shaffer, 35 (bm), DWI, driving under suspension
•••Eric Hudson, 25 (bm), vehicular homicide, 3 counts of negligent injuring, 2 counts of possession of schedule I, careless operation, safety belt use
Alvin Holden, 47 (bm), contempt of court
Angenique Paige, 30 (bf), arrested for theft of a motor vehicle, resisting an officer
•Charlie Wolf Jr., 21 (bm), arrested for 185 counts of violations of protective orders
Robert Lowe, 33 (wm), arrested for unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling
Darien Collins, 33 (bm), arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of firearm by person convicted of a felon, general speeding, child restraint violation
Morgan Durand, 20 (wm), arrested for operating while intoxicated first offense