Davidson & Jones Receive 2022 Readers Favorite Book Award for ‘The Evil I Have Seen’


In April 2021, retired DeSoto Parish Detective Robert “Robbo” Davidson and award winning journalist P. J. Jones partnered to write his memoirs as a veteran homicide detective. Six accounts are woven together with his memories, case files, witness statements, and trial transcripts. Jones is an award winning journalist, the recipient of the Sunshine Award from the Society of Professional Journalists for open records investigations. The result of their collaboration, “The Evil I Have Seen” not only peeked the interest of local readers and supporters, it spread nationally and internationally. The writing team was recently notified that their book had won First Place in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards under Non-Fiction True Crime.

Robbo Davidson and P. J. Jones are pictured at a recent book signing at Barnes & Nobles in Shreveport

The 2022 Book Award Contest Winners Readers’ Favorites released a list from Folio Literary Management, which is a full service, mid sized agency located in the heart of Manhattan. With over 15 agents who are some of the most productive in the business, Folio combines the expertise, experience, and strength of a larger firm with the passion and ingenuity, Senior Vice President and Director of Operations Frank Weimann agreed to evaluate 10 Readers Favorite Award Winners for possible representative. “The Evil I Have Seen” was among those reviewed by Weimann, winning First Place in the Readers’ Favorite Book Award under Non Fiction True Crime.
Davidson began his career working as an undercover narcotics agent in the early 1970s. He joined the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Department in 1980 forming the drug task force and retired their as Chief Detective in 2014. He continued to work cold cases for the parish. For more than a decade Davidson assisted the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association through every legislative session by talking to lawmakers and testifying before committees on proposed legislation effecting law enforcement. He has served for the past twenty-five years on the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.
Currently, Davidson is working with two Louisiana legislators to enact Jeff’s Law, creating a statewide database and alert system to enhance protections for adults with disabilities in honor of Jeff Rogers, whose story is included in the collection.
In retirement, veteran Louisiana lawman Davidson finds himself haunted by the images of victims of crimes he investigated.
“Seems the older I get the less I sleep, awakened night after night by the memory of one case after another…I cannot stop waking up in the middle of the night, the image of some innocent victim looming in the darkness over my bed,” said Davidson.
He continued, “I have come to live with them, these ghosts of DeSoto Parish, but I cannot say I do so peacefully. I struggle to define the emotions these disturbing images evoke.”
Davidson realizes, at last, that maybe their images are meant to remind me my job is not yet done. He decided that maybe he needed to tell their stories, to lend them a voice, for better or worse.
He said, “I think that if I do not, the evil I have seen will never let me sleep.”
After that realization, Davidson spent the next two years telling stories of some of his more haunting cases including the abduction, robbery and thrill-killing of a mentally disabled man, the robbery and rape of an elderly Sunday School teacher, the murder of a man and abduction, rape and killing of an estranged wife because the killer was obsessed with having the woman.
“The Evil I Have Seen” is a compilation of six short stories delving into the crimes and investigations, sown together using Robbo’s memories, actual case files, trial testimony, interviews with witnesses, family members of the victims and assailants, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, reports who covered the crimes, newspaper archives from The Enterprise, and even from the murders themselves.
It is a thorough true crime tell-all of murders that stunned residents of Northwest Louisiana and the investigations that brought killers to justice.
Both Davidson and Jones are ecstatic about their award, with Jones stating, “We are so excited about our win, and I would like to express my thanks to a great writing partner. These were his stories…I just helped him tell them!”
A picture of the Readers’ Favorites Book Award Winner Medal presented to Robert “Robbo” Davidson and P. J. Jones

Both authors express their appreciation to all who have purchased their book and supported them through sales, word of mouth advertisements, and the local businesses that have displayed and sold copies of “The Evil I Have Seen”.
Currently, the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores. Locally, 4 C Coffee Shop in Grand Cane has copies for sale while The Enterprise is currently sold out of their copies, with more expected in the near future.