Jiu Jitsu and ballet classes now offered at Natchitoches Central

Senior Josh Durr practices the Major Inner Reap on his classmate.

Classes earn PE credits
BethAnne Methvin
Two PE classes are required for high school graduation. At Natchitoches Central, students now have the opportunity to expand their skill set and learn something new while also getting their PE credits. For the first time, Natchitoches Central is offering Jiu Jitsu and ballet classes as PE credits.
Craig Sylvia, a black belt instructor from Light City Mixed Martial Arts, teaches the Jiu Jitsu class. Students enjoy learning about this unique fighting technique, which utilizes grappling and ground fighting techniques.
Senior Josh Durr says, “I’ve always been interested in martial arts, so when I saw this was available, I signed up.” Students in the Jiu Jitsu class learn new skills each week. Currently, they are mastering the “Ouchi gari” which is Japanese for “major inner reap.” This skill consists of moving into the opponent’s chest and then executing a leg reap to throw the opponent onto his back. The students look forward to the end of the class when they get to demonstrate their skills with a partner in front of the class. Sylvia hopes the interest in Jiu Jitsu continues to grow and enjoys sharing his love for martial arts with his students.
Equally artistic, ballet is also quickly gaining popularity at Natchitoches Central. Coy Morgan, owner of Turning Point Dance Studio, instructs the ballet PE class in addition to teaching business English and business law electives at Natchitoches Central.
Some students in the class are already involved in dance as cheerleaders or Maroon Line dancers. Cayleigh Addison, a member of NCHS Maroon Line says, “I thought this would be a good opportunity to work on my technique for dance line and have some fun!”
However, the class is open to dancers of all experience levels. Morgan says her class is full, demonstrating the growing interest in ballet. She says the curriculum includes a ballet l, ll, lll and llll, and hopes to have enough interest for a ballet ll in coming years.
With these new additions, Natchitoches Central stands out as a school that strives to cater to students of all interests and provide them with the quality education and support they need to pursue them.

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