Just Talkin’ for Sept. 22, 2022


In case you weren’t aware…the first day of Fall begins today. Not sure we’ll be able to tell it by the 90-degree weather but just saying it brings a little optimism. At least the spider lilies are aware of the season change…they are popping up everywhere.
By the way….we are also the early stages of “Festival” season in Louisiana and our area.
Just recently we had the Zydeco Festival, last weekend the Meat Pie Festival (which, by the way, appeared to be a tremendous success) and just around the corner is Melrose Fall Fest, St. Augustine Creole Festival, the Zwolle Tamale Festival and the list goes on.
This weekend however, in Montgomery, is the Bon Dieu Fall Festival. JT’s told that was the original name of Montgomery…long before they moved the town from the banks of the Red River to the railroad tracks that US Hwy. 71 runs next to. (Some even claim that settlement dates back longer than Natchitoches.)
Anyway…one of the special guests will be Elvis, who apparently lives in Verda.
Some say he’s an “Elvis impersonator” but JT can see a good argument being made that Elvis is not really dead and escaped Memphis. It would just makes sense he is an 87 year-old man living the good life in Verda.
Check it out for yourself though in Montgomery Saturday and see full details on the festival on page 7A.
There’s not a bigger football game in the state..high school, college or pro…than the one taking place in Many Friday night.
The top two teams in Class 2A, both with 3-0 records, will be squaring off in neighboring Sabine Parish. The No. 1 ranked Tigers will be hosting Arch Manning, grandson of Archie Manning, and Isidore Newman out of New Orleans. The Tigers have given up just one touchdown in three games and two field goals while putting up 123 points.
Newman, on the other hand, just won a slugfest last week over Benton 54-52.
JT bets the attendance at that game is going be record setting.
Speaking of football…there is some excitement over at NSU where the Demons will be home for the first time this season.
They take on Lamar in a 3:30 p.m. contest on Saturday.
Both teams are looking for their first win of the season. It just so happens, it’s their first Southland Conference outing.
If your were like JT last week…your were channel surfing tying to find a football game on television.
Come to find out the NFL game between the Chargers and Kansas City was not available on the TV. You could, however, “stream” the game. That’ foreign to JT…just like “pairing your phone to your smart TV”. JT hopes the trend is only for this one night a week in the NFL and it doesn’t spread to college sports.
It looks like JT will be reaching out to his grandson for some help on this.
JT got a summons in the mail for jury duty.
First a groan, then JT rethought his bemoaning attitude.
Jurors ensure the criminal justice system is working properly and in America, it is a duty to serve, just like service members do in the military.
It is every American citizen’s duty to do their part to make the justice system work as it should, and if that means a bit of JT’s time devoted to sitting in a courtroom or jury box, then that’s where he’ll be found.
This service is so important on so many levels.
His backside just wishes those courtroom pews were more comfortable!