Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Sept. 24, 2022


Things are sure quiet on the political front.
It’s scary because Natchitoches Parish could have no local representation in the Louisiana House or Senate.
Remember, reapportionment has made Natchitoches Parish part of several other districts and we no longer have the bulk of the population in any of them. Kenny Cox’s House district was basically eliminated and scattered while in the Senate, Louie Bernard picked up parts of four other parishes. Neither will be back next term because Cox was term limited and Louie is not seeking re-election.
Not saying someone from outside of Natchitoches Parish is a bad thing….it’s just not as good for us than if we were represented by someone who actually lives here.
There’s still hope.
Aching bones isn’t the only way to tell weather change is coming.
JT was reminded that all we really need to do is watch the birds in the sky.
They will head in the opposite direction of bad weather coming or fill the airways just before disastrous conditions arise.
JT noticed the white egrets are gathering in flocks and headed south. The hummingbirds are becoming scarce too.
It’s not time to batten down the hatches, but it is a sign.
JT was thinking it was a little early for Christmas decorations to be going up…but we’re just a week away from October.
On the riverbank, JT noticed poles were being put up to hold the displays early in the week and within days some of the displays were in place. Seeing the displays going up and then knowing the lights will be strung shortly helps us get into the Christmas holiday spirit.
It looks like the state is going to end the year with a surplus from last year’s budget.
That’s mainly due to the influx of federal pandemic and infrastructure monies.
That’s the good news…the bad news is the legislature has a session to go before the 2023 elections.
As Commissioner of Administration Jay Darden put it…”There will be a lot of posturing going on.” Plain speak is that a lot of lawmakers, some who are term limited, some who are not running and some who are—well just who they are—-will be trying for their piece of the pie.
One of the pushes…we are told…is for the elimination of state income taxes.
While it sounds great…that’s a $5 billion part of the state budget each year. To give that up just means the state is going to have to find another source. And voter’s….that “other source” is YOU.