49 permits with a total $2.2 million valuation issued in August


Carolyn Roy
The permit issued to the company building the Dollar Store in Fairview Alpha topped the list of 49 building permits issued during August according to the report issued by Parish Government Planning and Zoning Director Melonia McDaniel.
The valuation of the permit issued to Alltech Inc. of Texas was $800,000 for the store to be built at 220 Hwy. 71/84. Site preparation for the store has begun and it should open in about six months.
The permit was among 49 issued during August with a total valuation of $2,221,769. The permits generated fees of $20,101.
There were two residential new permits issued for new home construction to Rhodes Properties/Kristyn Carley for $433,000 at 227 Rose Hill Plantation Road Lot 2B and Page Builders/Daniel Page for $260,000 at 2276 Hwy. 119.

This article published in the Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022, print edition.

Seven people applied for permits for residential manufactured homes. They were:
•Jermeshia Stewart, 2632 Hwy, 174, $130,000
•Cynthia Dorsey, 332 Sisson Road, $8,000
•Samantha Anthony, 146 Alex Ave., $129,000
•Terry and Cindy Mitchell, 273 Post Mill Road, no valuation
•Mary Moffett, 286 Hwy. 495, $109,995
•Jerry Sibley, 800 Campti Bayou Road, no valuation
•Deborah Voss, 501 Hwy. 3191, no valuation
Residential electrical permits were issued to:
•Michael Kerry, 1154 Janie Gorum Road
•Rodney Harris, 2018 King Hill Road
•H. Taylor LLC, 4132 University Parkway
•Ashlie Messenger, 2211 King Hill Road
•Travis Taylor, 5690 Hwy. 486 (commercial)
•Charles Cotton, 142 Jewella St.
•Scott Settle, 145 Settle Landing Road
•Joey Woodward, 912 Hwy. 491
•Frank Griffin, 259 Plantation Point
•Jill and Thomas Allan Holman, 661 Holman Loop
•Arthur Metoyer, 134 Sycamore Court
•Zack Ward, 3123 Marco Road
•Janice Rando, 182 Cross Road West
•Grace Electric/Mike Harris, 5297 Hwy. 480
•Jason Dickson, 2536 Hwy. 486
•Christi Sarpy, 1570 Bermuda Road
•Linda Griffin, 2480 Hwy. 117
•Craig Campo, 304 Riverside Lane
•Glen Russell, 1723 A Bayou Derbonne Road
•Ralph Tradway, 2413 Hwy. 117
•Hamilton Bynog, 185 Yvonne St.
•Scotty Carline Electric Inc./Amber Shirley, 276 Hwy. 3191
Other permits were issued to:
•Danny Matt, 659 Hwy. 495, three residential RVs
•Bonnie Parker Champion, 116 Cecil Parker Road, residential RV
•Jessup Construction/Marshal Harper, residential boat house, 154 Forest Drive, $68,000
•Pleasure Pools/Shaquille Broussard, 305 Harvest Place, residential swimming pool
•Ark-La-Tex Shopbuilders/Michelle Dowden, 1809 Hwy. 118 West, commercial portable building, $14,144
•Ark-La-Tex Shopbuilders/Bobby Garlington, 166 Collins Road, residential detached building, $22,030
•Ward Electric/Chuck Holmes, 1953 Hwy. 8, residential generator, $5,000
•Ark-La-Tex Shopbuilders, Mary Smith, 435 Old River Road North, residential detached building, $42,000
•Esther Diane Boucher, 4929 Hwy. 9, residential flood review
•Marketa Remo Design/Natchitoches Parish School Board, 7305 Hwy. 9, commercial roof replacement, $33,900
•Gary Adams, 172 Jim Bill Road, commercial fire alarm
•Michael Goings, 710 Lake Loop, farm
•Ralph Treadway, 6223 Hwy. 6, residential portable building, $5,400
•Glen Russell, 1723A Bayou Derbonne Road, residential detached building
•Clearwater Pools and Spas/Roy Gentry, 171 Shamard Dr., $75,000
•Clearwater Pools and Spas/Debra and Phillip Byles, 170 Melrose Bend, $53,400