Butte Tribe member carries Torch of Freedom

Butte Tribe youth Jachin Sanchez, left, with a classmate, ran in the Central American Independence Race in Limon, Costa Rica. Sanchez was honored to carry the torch of freedom representing his school system of 1,100 students. His parents, Joel and Gaby Porras Sanchez, are missionaries in Costa Rica.

Belinda Brooks
Jachin Sanchez, a Butte Tribe youth, carried the Torch of Freedom in the Central American Independence Torch Race Sept. 15 in Limon, Costa Rica.
The day marks the 201st anniversary of Central America’s Independence from the Spanish Empire.

This article published in the Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022, print edition.

In a school district of over 1,100 students, Sanchez was one of 30 students chosen to carry the torch. The traditional 235-mile route stretches from the northern border in Penas Blancas to Cartago, Central America. The theme of this year’s race was “The fire of the Fatherland invites us to be light.”
Butte Tribe not only celebrates the honor passed down to Sanchez to honor his ancestors, but recognizes the work of his parents. Joel and Gaby Porras Sanchez are missionaries to Limon, one of Central America’s most underprivileged and poverty-stricken areas.
Joel Sanchez’ ties to the Natchitoches area and Butte Tribe are through his great-grandparents, Sylvester and Rosa Trichell Sanchez. In the early 1900s, this family relocated to northeast Louisiana in West Carroll Parish where he was a 1995 graduate of Oak Grove High School. The family descends from four Native American ancestors: Marie Theresa De La Grande Terre (Chitimacha), Marie Jeannie (Caddo), Angelique (Texas Mission Indian), and Jose Matheo Perez (Texas Mission Indian.)
Butte Tribe consists of numerous members like the Sanchez family who know the importance of serving God, working hard to serve their family and tribe, honoring elders and raising their children to become honorable men and women who give back to society.