‘Finding Lola’ docu-series prepares to launch first episode


A Natchitoches Times Exclusive
“We are in the final countdown for the first episode of ‘Finding Lola’, a docu-series about my great-grandmother’s hidden heritage in Louisiana. When I started this journey, I had no idea what the truth would be–who was Lola really? And who was I? Follow along at our YouTube channel, it’s time to dig up family secrets that have been buried for almost 100 years,” says filmmaker Danielle Romero.
Click the link below to see a trailer for the episode.


Background Information

Danielle Romero lives in Nashville, Tenn., but has deep roots in Natchitoches Parish. A filmmaker, she is documenting the search for her great-grandmother, Lola Perot, who passed away before Romero was born. “She left the Natchitoches area of Louisiana in the 1930s and changed her name and race to hide her identity and attempted to pass as white in New York where I was born,” Romero said. Romero said when Perot left Louisiana with her Irish husband, John Donnelly, and moved to New York, she taught her children, including Romero’s grandmother, that they were French and Irish.
Romero made her first visit to this area in 2021 to find family and truth. “Where did Lola’s family come from? What was she hiding, and why? It was time to find Lola, and myself. I’ve spent months interviewing elders and cousins and I am excited to share the journey of the complexity of Louisiana heritage—both in the past and today.”
She found many of her ancestors (Pardee, Perot, Conde, Mezieres) buried at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church cemetery in Campti.