Road Report for August 2022


Carolyn Roy
The Parish Government Highway Dept. performed 302 jobs during August according to the report submitted to the Parish Council by Interim Director Dustin Hightower. The jobs cost a total of $246,337; $49,093 for labor, $71,998 for materials and $125,245 for equipment. The jobs represented 54 miles that received maintenance.
There were eight jobs in District 1 represented by Chris Paige. They cost $397 with $131 for labor, $172 for materials and $95 for equipment. Five of the jobs were reinstalling street name signs, one was installing a handicap child sign and the other two were installing road material and coldmix patching.
There were 10 jobs in District 2 represented by Bill Allen. They cost a total of $5,067 with $1,076 for labor, $1,756 for materials and $2,234 for equipment. A majority of the jobs was for cutting limbs, adding gravel and installing a 911 sign and street name signs.

This article published in the Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022, print edition.

There were five jobs in District 3 represented by Jim Kilcoyne. The total was $1,200 with $262 for labor, $349 for materials and $590 for equipment. Most of Kilcoyne’s district is within the City limits. The five jobs included installing a 911 sign, cutting limbs, cold mix patching, patching with gravel and installing a street name sign.
Marty Cheatwood represents District 4 that had 178 jobs. The total spent was $161,973 with $34,807 for labor, $35,951 for materials and $91,214 for equipment. The jobs represented work on 39 miles.
There were numerous jobs on the roads such as Wagner Loop, Doyle Carter, Malick Salim and Billy Stiles roads. Some 35 jobs consisted of bushhogging, clearing trees from roads and removing limbs in addition to direct road work.
John Salter represents District 5 that had 101 jobs with $77,698 spent. Of the total, $12,816 for was labor, $33,769 was for materials and $31,111 was for equipment. Some 41 jobs included direct work on the roads such as spreading road surfacing, ditching, blading and patching.
Miscellaneous jobs included reinstalling name signs, removing trees blocking the road, installing a stop sign, removing and cutting limbs and removing an old culvert.
In his report to the Parish Council at the meeting Sept. 19, Parish President John Richmond said that Regional Construction LLC was the low bidder on the Harmony Road project with a bid of $3,210,300. The council awarded the bid at that meeting. The only other bid of $3,735,947 was from Apeck Construction LLC.
Richmond reported that Apeck Construction LLC is the low bidder on the Hart Road project. Project planning and scheduling discussions are now underway.
As for Bermuda Road, base work, including soil cement installation, continues.