Louisiana Shelters and Rescues Offering Free/Reduced Adoptions for Big Dogs in October


From huskies to shepherds, terriers to mutts, animal shelters and rescue groups all over Louisiana are currently inundated with dogs over 40 pounds. Each of these dogs are awaiting a second chance at a new life.

To help, adoption fees for dogs 40 pounds and over will be fee-waived or reduced for the entire month of October at:

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area, Scott
Best Friends in Grant Parish, Grant Parish
Bossier City Animal Services, Bossier City
Caddo Parish Animal Services and Mosquito Control, Shreveport
Companion Animal Alliance, Baton Rouge
Grant Parish Sherriff’s Office, Colfax
Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services, Harvey
Lafayette Animal Shelter & Care Center, Lafayette
St. Bernard Parish Animal Services, Violet
St. Mary Parish Animal Shelter and Control, Franklin
St. Tammany Parish Department of Animal Services, Lacombe
Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter, Gray
Vernon Parish Animal Shelter, Leesville


“Our goal is to get as many big dogs as possible out of shelters and into homes this October,” said Julie Castle, chief executive officer of Best Friends Animal Society. “Right now, there is a shelter crisis going on across the country, with many shelters at, or beyond, full capacity. It’s no small thing to adopt a big dog. And by adopting one, you are playing an important role in helping Best Friends reach our goal of making the country no-kill by 2025.”

This past June, Best Friends Animal Society released their annual data showing that for the first time in five years, U.S. shelter systems saw a setback in lifesaving. In 2021, the number of dogs and cats killed in U.S. shelters increased from 347,000 to 355,000 and those numbers were especially dismal for big dogs as dog intake increased by nearly three times the rate of dog adoptions. 
The “Love Large” adoption campaign is an opportunity to educate the public that big dogs can be part of almost any home, no matter the size.

“There are so many myths about big dogs that we need to debunk,” said Castle. “Pets are individuals with their own unique needs, and we are excited to dedicate an entire month to showcasing that big dogs have big hearts and can make the perfect pet.”


“Love Large” aims to educate the public on why big dogs can be the perfect pooch pal:

They can make great pets for apartment living
They tend to bark less than their smaller counterparts
They can be a great addition to homes with kids and cats
They are sometimes just oversized lap dogs who can give double the cuddles

Those not able to commit to adoption can still make a lifesaving impact for big dogs by temporarily opening their home to a foster dog through their local shelter or rescue. Food, supplies and medical treatment are typically provided free of cost to fosters.


“Whether it’s a foster or adoption, dogs thrive in a home environment,” Castle said. “Shelters are really struggling right now, so we urge those who can open their hearts and homes to a big dog please do so as soon as possible. Not only will you be saving a life, but you’ll be also part of the movement to make America a no-kill country by 2025.”